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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Here is the full statement of Cabral Libii about the presidential

Ladies and Gentlemen, journalists, international and national observers,

May I be allowed 48 hours after the closing of the ballot and before the expiry of the 72 hours prescribed by law for referral to the Constitutional Council , an update.

I come here to mean a? the national and international opinion, that Cameroon has just turned a new page in its history, in view of the very short run presidential election that has just taken place both in the Cameroonian Diaspora and on the whole tense territory a? the exception of the localities in crisis, which we regret badly.

You are all less than ever since the advent of multiparty politics, an election has produced as much excitement and excitement among Cameroonians in general and youth in particular.

The citizens of Cameroon, who have changed, have mobilized themselves with the ardent will? to change things through the ballot box, braving a suicidal idea that everything was played out? in advance and that the regime out of the top of its machine of electoral fraud and corruption for 36 years, could not be beaten to the elections. And it is precisely this perception that is advantageous to the outgoing regime, which gave? the de? gou? t of the political thing has? almost all Cameroonian citizens, without job prospects, reduced to? pre-carit ?, and left out by the broken plan promises. Few of them now could continue to believe? a political alternation? the state's te? te. Of the more than 14 million people in Cameroon to vote, fewer than 6 million were registered on electoral lists; and even in some elections the abstention rate is close to? the 50%.

To change this state of affairs, I undertook to mobilize myself to the benefit of both the Re- public and all my fellow citizens without exclusion. The first step is? the mobilization of my fellow citizens? to register on the electoral lists of? s April 2017 a? Douala. In view of the strong re? Ceptivite? from this citizen appeal manifestly echoed the legitimate and profound aspirations of all, he imposed himself? at? me and a? my sports teams have stolen from having to travel all the extent of the territory to sow in the minds of our compatriots the imperative of expressing their civil rights. This crusade will have been? besides the opportunity for me to establish the unacceptable level of pre-carit? existential sanitary and pecuniary of our citizens in rural and urban areas. Having gone? in the northwestern and southwestern parts of the country at the time? weapons were everywhere, it is important to note that peace is a prerequisite for all.

Our company project? of a Cameroon that protects and releases energy is the answer we brought? at? all Cameroonians who adhere to? that, have not only mobilized financially to make possible my e? ligibility? at? the judiciary superior, but have also massively surrendered to both the meetings and the ballot boxes. I take this opportunity to greet you at? all my sincere thanks for your support, because we have de ja? achieved the historic victory of citizen mobilization.

There is a time for everything, the time of the awakening of a political conscience has indisputably resurfaced in the minds of the Cameroonian youth in particular and in that of adults in good faith, pushed by the exasperation.

They realized that instead of taking weapons as a way of expressing their fed up, a way of doing to the unforeseeable consequences against which we all have to pre-empt, he You have to take the ballot instead, the most powerful weapon for change. We won? the victory of the renewed attraction vis-à-vis the political thing, we won? the overwhelming victory of the popular mobilization during the campaign, we have left? to win the final election victory.

The election of October 7, 2018 saw the?the fruits of our honorable work through enthusiasm for participation. But she also has the dream? in all its splendor, the strength of the experience of fraud. The election is over? shockingly e? mesh?serious irregularities with sometimes attacks a? the natural person some of our representatives have been? victims.

In Yaounde ?, several e? Readers have voted? including a policeman in central Yaounde? 4 their names were not on the list of voters; Several thousand Cameroonians have been? deprived of the right to vote while formally disposing of their e-reader cards or receiving piss; It was not a coincidence that any candidate has? this presidential election can not accurately determine the total number of polling stations or e-readers;

In the district of Metet, De Nyong and So'o, our representatives, some of whom are present, have been? physically violent, they are still traumatized just like a lady from the locality? d'Obout who, because of his commitment to citizenship, is austere?threat of dismissal, banie of the locality?expelled from her home she occupied and currently in an indescribable sarroi; In several localities, our ballot papers were almost non-existent, notably in Mayo Kani and Moungo;

In the western region, our representatives have been? threat? s sometimes brutalized physically. In some localities, the law of corruption maintained by some of our competitors has prejudicie? sincerity? of the vote.

In other localities our representatives have been? purely and simply hunting polling stations on instruction of a local elite, this is the case in Mayo Kani in all rural areas.

In many localities, multiple votes and ballot packings were the region;

In several countries, Switzerland, France, Algeria and others, our representatives did not have access to the polling stations even though all the formalities had been done? are observed; All these unceremonious ladies are very serious.How can we get a political party representative out of a polling station by holding him by the collar, then throw him into a manu military vehicle to go and abandon him for public lynching? dozens of kilometers like that? the case in Nyong and So'o? This is unacceptable. Can a Power that does such vile acts for its maintenance be a guarantor of peace and stability? ? I doubt. I would like to? greet the responsibility? and the bravery of the Cameroonian people.

Notwithstanding all this ridiculous cheating orchestrated without surprise, by spoliators of our state, the people expressed themselves. This fraudulent apparatus has shows? his limits. The information that reaches us and the verbal reports

that go back to us attest to it.

We continue to? collect information and minutes. This task I should remember is tedious. We invest in it with method and vigilance.

And if at the end of this objective operation of collection and verification, our victory is esteemed, I say if and only if, it is esteemed, I will not leave this one anyway? to be stolen by anyone, because this victory would be that of the Cameroonian people assoiffe? of change. I therefore ask Cameroonians to remain mobilized and stand up, while waiting for a proposal for a "march of action" that I will propose to them in the event of an attempt to steal their victory. I call? the conscience of the rulers on the unforeseeable consequences of any crime.

However, our lawyers in view of the highly scandalous character of the irregularities we continue to have? collect the evidence, use the right to seize the jurisdiction or not.

As I had it now and then? the challenge of 2018 is not that of the victory of the opposition, but that of the demonstration of it. Our calls? the mutualisation for the constitution of a common base of control of the vote would undoubtedly be e? saving? regrettable effects of the force of the experience of fraud.

I urge, however, the presidential entourage and other leeches of the motherland lurking in the circles of power, who live off the misery of the people and who do not hesitate to shame their lives. ? call to?solidarity? of it when they feel their feeder threatened, a? to keep? the mind that Cameroon is not a property? private, but an inheritance common to the Cameroonian people. You have it yourself?This building is surrounded? right now hundreds of members of the police. Or?Were they when our comrades were violent on the day of the vote? This is the irreplaceable demonstration of the love of the human of our rulers for the sole benefit of their forebears. Let them know that the people have from now on chosen a firm leader in their convictions, integer and visionary who will inevitably lead them to victory.

I also appeal to the sense of responsibility? voting centralizer ELECAM, which is held in the interest of the homeland, to do its job and nothing but its work in the most complete transparency.Our destiny? all hangs on it.

This is the place to point out here, to point out that 11 Million Citizens and the Universe Party form a political and civic dynamic that offers an exhilarating communion to Cameroonians from the 10 regions of Cameroon. These Cameroonians in solidarity, regardless of their ethnicity, in their suffering.

I thank my compatriots of the 10 regions that have invested body and soul in our fight without ever asking the question of the tribal origins of each other. Let's not be fooled. I will make a point of honor? to keep away? of our dynamics of change any ethnic downsizing.

I repeat forcefully, if peace and stability? of this country that we all care about are degrading, responsibility? will be widely shared by those who take me the people.

As for? me, I will be green as long as the context allows, to remain patriotic and a?the listening of my people who has always supported me.

Thanks to? all.

May God bless Cameroon.