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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Here are the bottom of the war between Anicet Ekane and Akere Muna

I can not support Akere Muna. Manidem has not signed any alliance with him. His story with Dieudonné Yebga is binding only on them, not the party. Manidem is not concerned in this case, "the president of Manidem, recognized by the Minister of Territorial Administration, had fiercely reacted. Indeed, Anicet Ekani digests poorly the support of Dieudonné Yebga to the candidacy of Akeré Muna in the presidential election of October 7 in the name of Manidem. If this subject remains taboo in the headquarters of the candidate of the Popular Front for Development (FPD), it is not in the Manidem. Moreover, Anicet Ekane tells anyone who wants to hear that Dieudonné Yebga is an "impostor".

And so, his alliance with Akere Muna irritates the president of Manidem. So much so that the latter seized on September 24, 2018 the President of the Electoral Council to challenge the use of the logo of the party he is responsible for campaign media media candidate Akere Muna. "The candidate Akere Muna uses the Manidem logo in these campaign media as proof of our party's support for his candidacy. It is based on a statement by Dieudonné Yebga who dares to present himself as president of the Manidem.However, this gentleman was excluded from the Manidem at our last congress held June 23 in Douala, "writes Anicet Ekane. And to continue "this misuse of the logo of Manidem while bringing us harm (because we have not provided any support to Akere Muna) is a forgery and use of false tending to vitiate voters."


Beyond appearances and his disagreement with Dieudonné Yebga, two main reasons justify the approach of the president of Manidem to the Electoral Council: the contempt of the promoter of the Now movement and the position of Manidem in the presidential election.There are, of course, the incorrigible, for whom the disagreement between Dieudonné Yebga and Anicet Ekane would be at the origin of the conflicts with Akere Muna. Indeed, after the publication of the list of candidates for the presidential election, Anicet Ekane sent each candidate the vision of Manidem for potential support. Except that, unlike some candidates, the FPD candidate did not acknowledge receipt of the mail. "I got closer to the candidates but Akere Muna did not answer. Manidem can not support him. Moreover, his vision for Cameroon does not fit with that of Manidem, "says Anicet Ekane.

But which candidate will the Manidem support? The answer will be given today.The president of the Manidem will give a press conference in the headquarters of his party in Douala today to disclose the name of the candidate who will receive his support. And it is certainly this reason that would also be at the origin of the war between Anicet Ekane and Akere Muna."Dieudonné Yebga has beaten Anicet Ekane by supporting a candidate other than the one chosen by the Manidem.What hurts the party during this election since the people are disoriented, "says a close Anicet Ekani.