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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Goodbye Paul Biya, Kamto arrives - determined MRC activists [Video]

He surprised more than one by announcing this 8 October, 24 hours after the vote, his victory. The leader of the MRC proclaims himself the winner of the poll on the basis of the compilation of the results of his party. We did not wait for this announcement. Not so soon, because no official result was hitherto pronounced.

Maurice Kamto, a lawyer and former Minister of Justice of Paul Biya, calls on his former boss to recognize his victory and make a peaceful transition.

Since the announcement of his victory during a press conference, the activists of Maurice Kamto, let burst their joy. They were all chanting "Goodbye Paul Biya, Maurice Kamto is coming. Determined, they all say that the hour of alternation has arrived.

But in Yaoundé, the various authorities are already on the brink and denounce this attitude of Professor Maurice Kamto.

Video of the activists celebrating: