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Monday, October 29, 2018

Franck Ateba splits fire, said Kamto is a satanic curse for Cameroon

The former deputy national secretary in charge of inspection of the MRC wants absolutely to do battle with his comrade of yesterday, Professor Maurice Kamto

Franck Hubert Ateba, one of the founding members of the MRC multiplies messages of hatred on social networks to the National President of the MRC.

After leaving the ranks of the MRC at the second convention of the party, Franck Hubert Ateba has resolutely launched into a shocking and raw smear campaign against Maurice Kamto,

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In a post on facebook on October 27, Franck Hubert Ateba argues that Maurice Kamto want at all prices to provoke the civil war in Cameroon, because he says he "loves too much blood"

"(...) Kamto carries a satanic and sadistic curse that must be fed on a lot of human blood and violence," he writes.

"It is not by chance that he chose the color of the sans for his ballot. Even today, he goes to another speed in the demonstration of his thirst for blood to feed his demons, his leaflets in circulation always advocate this desire for without and in quantity. We must neutralize this dangerous before it is too late for Cameroon, "he adds

What draws attention, it is the comments of the other subscribers of the social network who seem to no longer listen to the hate speech conveyed by the former MRC executive.

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"Your political program is denigrated kamto? Morning kamto! Midi kamto!Kamto evening, "wrote Moussa Amadou," You're just a frustrated man. Anyway, what I am certain is that his thirst for blood is nothing compared to that of the CPDM, "writes Mathieu, later being threatened with being blocked by Franck Hubert Ateba," Green dog, why kamto occupy your mind like this? ", Prosper launches

For the record, last April, Franck Hubert Ateba to justify his departure from the MRC had evoked a management" clan, opaque and paternalistic party "denouncing" a colorless leadership, odorless and tasteless therefore absent. "