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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Four killed, houses set ablaze as Military raids Dumbu village in North West Region of Cameroon

Security forces have shot dead four persons in the locality of Dumbu in Misaje Subdivision, Donga Mantung Division of Cameroon’s North West Region.

They are accused of having hoisted Ambazonia flags in the town square Sunday, Mimi Mefo info has learned.

But other sources have referred to them as "innocent civilians".

Their corpses are still lying where they were shot as relatives are scared to take the for burial.

Dumbu is now deserted after houses were set on fire purportedly by the military. "We had to seek refuge in bushes…even the Fon is on the run…many houses were burnt down as military sought the hide out of pro independence fighters in vain" a Dumbu resident recounted.

MTN and Orange networks have been grounded in the area for days. Dumbu residents can only use the Nexttel network to make local and international calls.
Calm is yet to return to the area.

Source: Mimi