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Friday, October 5, 2018

Former Gaddafi advisor reveals strange information about Biya candidate

Of Cameroonian nationality, Jean Pierrot Mahi regrets that Paul Biya ignored his advice that he had to ensure a transition before leaving power. The former adviser of the late Libyan Guide predicts a civil war and an insurgency in case Paul Biya is proclaimed winner because according to him, the latter can not win the presidential election of October 7th. Below, the entirety of his open letter to the Cameroonian people.

Dear Compatriots,

Your son and brother, observer and actor of the political life in the world since nearly 20 years, calls you on the risks of popular insurrections and of civil war which would hover over our beautiful country, Cameroon, to the from the presidential election of October 07, 2018.

To say nothing and to do nothing would be criminal on my part, given the expertise acquired over the years, from the late Head of State Muhammar Al Kadhafi, Guide of the Libyan revolution, designer and builder of a new Africa. . Expertise reinforced by my collaboration with the former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, first woman president in Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who succeeded after several years of war, to reconcile the Liberian people, torn by the will of a man who wanted to drag on to power: Charles Taylor. If only these two cases should be mentioned.

Indeed, in our previous open letters published in the No. 4635 of 13/06/2018 of the newspaper Mutations, and that No. 781 of 04/7/2018 of the newspaper Le Soir, we already warned you about the sensitivity of the election to come and the risks of generalization of the civil war in the current political and social conditions in Cameroon.

We warned Mr. Paul Biya on the suicidal and catastrophic side that his candidacy for this new presidential election would bring, and we advised him rather a transition under his sponsorship, which could have benefited our country and make him one of the major players in the contemporary history of Cameroon.

It is clear that our warnings have not found favorable echoes with the regime, which in its software past dictatorial paradigms stubbornly dragging Cameroon into chaos.The intellectuals and not least, sent by the regime, scour the TV sets, to distill the most abrasive hypotheses to impose freely on us a victory of the ghost candidate Paul Biya.

But any serious observer of Cameroonian politics knows that Mr. Paul Biya can not win these elections, not only because of his age, but by his catastrophic record and future health problems. In 36 years, he has done what no one could have done in less than a term. It is therefore a popular sanction that awaits this regime on October 7th.

The opposition does not need a coalition or to have a single candidate to send the ghost candidate Biya to assert his rights to retirement. As the images of this beginning of the campaign show, despite the plethora of meetings, the RDPC really does not recipe. The desire for change, here and now, leads the population to converge on those of the other parties that naturally refuel.

If the regime insists on proclaiming its winning candidate, it will be responsible for the civil war in our country. His scholars and other propagandists will have to answer to divine, national and international justice.

This time, Cameroon's women and youth will not let their victory go. The regime, as usual, relies on repression to impose the stolen victory and wants to use the forces of defenses as executioners who will shoot their own brothers and sisters. May our defense forces not forget that their primary mission is not to protect a regime, but the sovereign people. A word of warning hello!

To all opposition, the one who according to the polling stations, will arrive in first position must have the support of other formations. The consensus so desired before the election, must be de rigueur after the proclamation of the results. The people will punish any formation that will not respect these gentlemen agreements.

Cameroon has always been a haven of peace, transformed by 36 years of insidious and brutal dictatorship into a poor, highly indebted, corrupt, tribalist country, where the bad living drives our children and our brothers to die in the Mediterranean, in search of a better life, yet not found in the West.

The immigration that has invaded the West is due to the lack of development of African countries, and the support by the West of dictatorial, ethno-fascist regimes on the continent. Cameroon being one of the locomotives of the Francophonie in Africa, should be for Emmanuel Macron, affirming its support to the Cameroonian people, the opportunity to mark its differences with autocratic regimes that make French, the language of dictators in the world. The Cameroonian youth will remember it.

To Israel, I say that it is taking a great risk in supporting this aging regime and that it has everything to gain from supporting the people of Cameroon in their liberation from this unfair and fascist regime. Israel is entrusted by the presidential clan to organize and manage the intelligence and documentation services in Cameroon, the creation, the training of the BIR and the presidential guard.

To the other members of the international community, the Cameroonian people are counting on you to reject en bloc, any victory of the Paul Biya regime.