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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fight against tribalism: the new fight of Geremi Njitap

The consequences of tribalism are too important not to raise some awareness in Cameroon at this time. Moved by this scourge and anxious to preserve the peace in his country, Geremi Njitap undertook to lead a crusade.

Geremi Njitap fights against tribalism and promotes peace in Cameroon. The former Indomitable Lion has just launched an anti-tribalism campaign whose stakes are too high at the moment. Media that solves messages of awareness are put to use as the video that is looping on television channels lately. Can we see in particular some famous football characters including Luis Figo, Christian Karembeu, Rigobert Song and Omam Biyick say no to tribalism and advocate peace in Cameroon. At a time when this scourge seems to be well established in Cameroon and the peace threatened, it is essential to salute this act of the national president of the union of Cameroonian footballers.

Accustomed to fight against plagues

FIFA anti-discrimination observer at the 2018 world cup in Russia, Geremi Njitap, a victim of discrimination when riding the European turf, is well aware of the consequences that can be generated by all these scourges. "I was discriminated against, it's not a good thing, football is dream and passion and when a discriminatory act is done against you, you are seriously affected and that has an impact on your performance because you are afraid to come back to the stadium and experience it again Diversity is a force for the development of football and discrimination is a drag, which is why I am proud today that we are talking about it. through awareness campaigns, through conferences and others to try to eradicate this practice.I note that we speak more and more today, players, coaches, NGOs are seriously aware of the situation.

Football can greatly promote diversity I believe that together with the media, we can achieve our goals As a leader of SYNAFOC, we try to copy the example of the authorities to make our contribution to the fight against discrimination in all its forms and encourage diversity because we know that it is a force for the development of football. " Had he told our editorial staff at the Russian World.