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Friday, October 12, 2018

False electoral observers: Israel flies to the rescue of Paul Biya

The scandal around the fake members of Transparency International has not finished delivering its mysteries.

The common point between these different forgers is Israel. They are all Israeli citizens: Raphael Kalfon (Franco-Israeli living in Israel), Salomon Benros (Franco-Israeli living in France), Amanda Benzikri Levy (Franco-Israeli living in France), Nurit Greenger (US-Israeli living in the USA ). The CRTV and "Cameroon Press Agency" did not give the true nationalities of these people.

This is a scandal at the highest summit of the state because these people were invited to Cameroon by the Israeli networks of the Presidency of the Republic. Everything seems to show that these people are actually a delegation of friends of the boss of BIR (Rapid Intervention Battalion) who is none other than the former Israeli general Mayer Heres. As can be seen in the photos, these people benefited during their stay from a close protection of the BIR and they visited several training camps of the BIR.

As you can see in the pictures above, the usurper Nurit Greenger said during an exchange with a friend on facebook, to have been invited to Cameroon because she knows the people who select the "observers", which proves that she is not neutral and has been invited by friends to visit Cameroon because she has never been an election observer of her life.

The bodyguard of Paul Biya is composed of Israelis, that is to say that this case has been fomented since the presidency of the Republic. Below is an excerpt from the book "Our dear spies in Africa" ​​by journalists Antoine Glaser and Thomas Hofnung, which tells the story of Israel's influence on Paul Biya.

Our dear spies in Africa

"Our dear spies" are back in Africa!Everywhere to maneuver, in the desert with the Tuareg as in the official offices of capitals, they discreetly guide the new African policy that France intends to lead.

But in the globalized Africa of the twenty-first century, our secret agents are no longer at the party: Israelis, Chinese or Russians are fiercely competing with African presidents out of breath, eager for strategic information to stay in power.

Antoine Glaser and Thomas Hofnung reveal here the amazing exchanges between African leaders and French agents, make talk about private ex-spies - usually rather silent - and explain how the wars between Parisian services sometimes have terrible consequences on the ground .

On a continent much coveted for its raw materials and its human potential, our "dear spies" defend what remains of the French interests. Always in the shadows, they try to keep our hands on our old African meadow in which the most innocuous file is often classified as "confidential defense".

Antoine Glaser is a journalist and specialist in Africa.

Thomas Hofnung is a journalist at The Conversation-France. ". The big mystery in this story is the famous fictional agency called "Cameroon Press Agency" unknown to the battalion of media and news agencies, which was created two months before the elections, to give credit to the election to Cameroon and give favorable results to Paul Biya. Faced with the general outcry caused by the revelations about the "false members of transparency international", the "Cameroon Press Agency" has: - Removed from its site the articles it published and announced Paul Biya winner of the elections (this remains accessible on the cache see image)

- Removed from his site the photos and articles of the "false members of transparency international" in the company of the BIR in his different camps.

The government of Cameroon should tell us who is "Agency Cameroon Presse "and who hides behind this famous agency close to the Cameroonian army which relays all its information on Twitter in particular, that which gave Paul Biya winner.

Details to follow.