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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Exposed: a plan of massacre of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Co. unmasked

On September 27, 2018, Chris Anu, Secretary of State for Communications of the Ambazonian Interim Government, released a case on alleged conspiracy to assassinate the President, HE Ayuk-Tabe, by the regime of Cameroon and 9 other members of the his office who have been in illegal detention for almost a year now.Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe and his collaborators were kidnapped in Abuja (Nigeria) in January 2018 and deported illegally to French Cameroon. Since then, they have been held incommunicado in a gulag.

According to IG, a very secret security meeting held recently in Yaoundé with Ambazonians; Peter Mafany Musonge, Yang Philemon, Paul Atanga Nji and Elvis Ngole Ngole, among others present, witnessed the adoption of a murder resolution of HE Sisiku and other members of his government, before or after Cameroon's presidential election.

According to information, the evil plan is an attempt of the power to weaken the Ambazonian people's determination for a free homeland and thus paralyzing the revolutionary course. According to Yaoundé, the assassination of these leaders could be a scary signal and a clear message to all Ambazonian believers, that none will be spared if the revolution is crushed.

It is a desperate decision to send waves of panic on the thorns of ambazonians and to keep them continually in bondage. The power and its agents seem to fear what will happen if HE Sisiku and his cabinet are released alive. In addition to maintaining their will to be free, even in the absence of Sisiku and others, the leaders also demonstrated a great revolutionary tenacity in detention. Certainly, the blood-suckers would not want to drink the blood of the leaders if they cooperated with them or danced on their anti-revolutionary airs.

It is laughable that the authorities even think that the execution of Sisiku and his partners could kill the revolutionary momentum among Ambazonians. This is the highest level of political confusion.Anyone who has presented such a lame idea to run is a political children's game. It is Sisiku himself who made it clear that the revolution is greater than any individual.The absence of these leaders can in no way stop the revolutionary train.

In fact, any attempt to assassinate an Ambazonian leader at this crossroads will serve rather to reinforce the revolutionary energy of Ambazonian restoration forces and the total determination of the people to liberate their homeland or to die from fighting.

Source: Bareta.News