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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Exposed: Paul Biya publishes a false letter of congratulations from Macron

"On the occasion of my reelection, President Emmanuel Macron is pleased to congratulate me. It expresses its will to work to strengthen the old relations of trust and friendship between Cameroon and France ". This is exactly the message posted on the Facebook page of Cameroon's Head of State Paul Biya. The comment is accompanied by a letter.

First problem, the letter is signed on October 25, 2018, but is only published on October 29 at 19:18. Was the letter sent by boat for such a delay and landed at Etoudi's palace? in the middle of the night when the postal services are already closed? Second problem, the signature of Emmanuel Macron affixed to the letter published by Paul Biya looks like a bad caricature of imitator amatateur. Third problem, the letter does not bear the coat of arms of France while the first letter published bore the heading of an official document. In all the embassies of France, the Quai d'Orsay and the Elysee, all the official administrative documents, the forms, bear well these coats of arms.

More seriously, the letter of congratulation attributed to the Chinese president is not even signed, has no stamp, no coat of arms. Same for the one attributed to Turkey. The most bizarre is that all these letters were published the same day, as if they had been worn by the same factor who went to France, forked in Turkey, flew to China, to bring back these letters in the same suitcase.

While the French justice has just tracked down the gang of counterfeiters residing in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, and who were presented by the Cameroonian government as observers of Transparency International, here are the brigands of Paul Barthelemy Abondo aka Paul Biya who come to make false letters of congratulations. Rogue state.

Above, watch the documents scroll through the gallery. You do not have to be a policeman to realize that Paul Biya's document is grossly false, while the other one with the header bears the real Macron signature.