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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Etoudi 2018: Maurice Kamto hits hard in the anthill

Without waiting for the official announcement of the results, Maurice Kamto decided to declare himself the winner of the presidential election. For the government, it is now "outlawed".

"I received the mission to shoot the penalty, I shot it and I scored," said Maurice Kamto to the press in Yaounde. "I have received from the people a clear mandate that I intend to defend to the end.It is with these words that Maurice Kamto, 64, former Minister Delegate for Justice (2004-2011) of Paul Biya, lawyer at the Paris Bar and President of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), decided to take the lead and to proclaim himself the winner of the presidential election. Although he did not give figures, percentages and did not indicate on what he based his statements, Maurice Kamto shakes a presidential until then quite gloomy as the victory of the outgoing president, Paul Biya, is expected. By this proclamation before the official results, Mr. Kamto is "obviously outlawed," told AFP the Minister of Communication and government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary. "Whoever gets in the way (of the national institutions) will naturally meet the rigor of the law, because force belongs to the law. Mr. Kamto will not have the government in front, but the whole nation that does not accept that we destabilize the only religion that is common to us, namely peace, "he warned.


accusations He had received Friday the support of another strong candidate, Akere Muna, also a lawyer, who had withdrawn from the race in his favor and was present Monday at the press conference. Maurice Kamto denounced "multiple cases of fraud orchestrated by the power", which he nevertheless reached out: "My arms remain open to them to work together to the national rebirth. I invite the President of the Republic to organize the conditions for a peaceful transition in order to protect Cameroon from an electoral crisis that our country does not need. As I am committed, I assure him and his family all the guarantees of security, immunity and respect due to his status, "he said.

Shields of supporters of Paul Biya

Gregory Owona, Minister of Labor and Deputy Secretary General of the ruling Cameroon Democratic People's Assembly (CPDM), accused Kamto of having "insolently invited President Paul Biya to organize the handover." Friday night, Paul Atanga-Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration (Interior), had said that "any form of challenge to the verdict of the ballot box outside the legal channels will (not) be tolerated." Legally, the Constitutional Council, composed of relatives of President Biya, is the only one authorized to proclaim results, at the latest two weeks after the poll. Kamto was one of seven candidates opposed to 85-year-old favorite Paul Biya, including nearly 36 in power, who was running for the seventh consecutive term.

Social networks and tensions in the English-speaking zone and in the Far North

Despite the long delay in official publication, the results of hundreds of 25,000 polling stations installed throughout the country circulated on social networks as early as Friday night. In the south-west and north-west, the two English-speaking regions hit a year ago by a deadly conflict between separatists and the army, the election has been energetic, with very few voters participating.Gunshots were heard in the two regional capitals, Buea and Bamenda, all day long, and three armed men, suspected separatists shooting at passers-by, were shot dead by police in Bamenda.

According to Hans of Marie Heungoup, researcher at the International Crisis Group (ICG), "almost all returns to us find the rate of participation below 5%" in these English-speaking areas of the Southwest and North-West, where more than 300,000 people had to flee their homes. In the rest of the country, the vote was held without major incident reported, including Yaoundé and Douala, political and economic capitals. In the far-north region, the "lock" of the election because Cameroon's most populous, there have been very few representatives of opposition parties, supposed to monitor the smooth running of the vote, according to concordant testimonies.