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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Etoudi 2018: the diaspora marches against Paul Biya in Germany

She is resolutely on the move, the Dynamique du changement initiated on October 7, 2018 in Cameroon, with the presidential election which consecrated the clear and definitive rejection of the regime of President Paul Biya and the election of the international lawyer and law teacher. Maurice Kamto.

This Saturday, October 20, dozens of Cameroonians residing in the country of Angela Merkel have invaded the street in Berlin to denounce the charade that is being played in their country of origin, where a so-called Constitutional Council (including all members are activists of the party in power and friends of Paul Biya) is preparing to proclaim elected the old dictator of 85 years (of which 36 passed at the head of the State) which, despite the obvious hostility of Cameroonians to him, He wants to keep a rudder that has already completely escaped him, at the risk of leaving behind the few remaining forces he has left.

The protest march against the politico-electoral hold-up taking place in Cameroon which resulted in a brief sit-in before the German Bundestag (the seat of the German parliament) whose protesters wanted to sensitize the members (and through them the leadership of the German government), on the dangerousness of the current situation in their country with which the Federal Republic of Germany has many cooperation agreements, was held Saturday while a member of the main opposition party Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front (Sdf), called for a march, Sunday, October 21, against the massive fraud that enamelled the presidential election of two weeks ago.

The demonstration, of course, promises to be bloody, the authorities having banned it and taking drastic measures to repress it by all means.

Just over a week ago, a German MP, Dr. Christoph Hoffmann of the FDP party, sounded the alarm by asking the government of Angela Merkel to weigh its influence in the Union European so that it stops infusing financially the Cameroonian regime, better take sanctions against it.

It should be noted that the results of the presidential election which almost all Cameroonians contest the regularity will be proclaimed Monday, and are also heralders of very hot moments that can be marked by a bloodbath and the arrest of many political leaders of the opposition, the regime being customary of repression.