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Monday, October 8, 2018

Etoudi 2018: the big anger of Serge Espoir Matomba in Douala

The candidates of Purs and Mcnc, were among the electors called to fulfill their civic duty in Douala 4th Sunday, October 7th. 

On Electoral Cameroon Elecam (Elecam) Douala 4th, the teams are busy sending the latest equipment in the polling centers of the borough which totals 41 for 98 885 registered. It is soon 8am. Dibasso Ndumbe, the communal antenna chief, does not have a minute of respite.

A hundred meters from the Elecam office, the voting center of the Bonabéri Public School received the first visitors shortly after the opening of the offices. Bureau C's first voter, David Dibongue Kingue, introduced his ballot in the ballot box at 8:09. "I think the election is better organized this year. I would like it to continue until 18h. I want peace, "said the voter after fulfilling his civic duty.

Serge Espoir Matomba, the candidate invested by the United People for Social Renewal (Purs), presents himself at his voting center at Bonamatumbe Public School at 10:04. The first secretary of the Purs dressed in jacket together greet the police on duty. He goes around the four polling stations to inquire about the voting process.

He is accompanied by some members of his staff. Serge Espoir Matomba then goes to the polling station C. He checks his name on the lists. He appears at number 239. The candidate goes to a bench where the nine ballot papers are placed, then goes to the voting booth. His envelope touches the bottom of the urn at 10:15.

"I am proud to have exercised my duty as a citizen, to have participated in the construction of Cameroon. In the voting booth we are facing our destiny. The civic duty that I have just posed is a duty of commitment, of determination. I would like to have another Cameroon. I do not want to complain about the failures of our leaders. I would like to be the one who, after a few years, the Cameroonians will remember that he made a change, "he notes.

Absentee Representatives

The Purs candidate decried the "rumors" and "bad information" that circulated the day before, citing a coalition between his party and the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc). "We are in a democratic country. It's a shame that rumors and fakenews can take over. What happened was to destabilize the electorate of Serge Espoir Matomba.There was never any money between me and Kamto. We talked about two things.There was talk of continuing the exchanges, "said the candidate of the Purs.

In the voting center at Bonamatumbe Public School where Serge Espoir has fulfilled his civic duty, his political party representatives are absent. Only those of the Rdpc, Sdf, Mrc, the party Universe and Mcnc Pastor Ndifor are present.


The candidate of the Cameroon National Citizens Movement (Mcnc) presented himself at the entrance of the voting center of the bilingual school of Bonabéri (1922 enrolled) at 11:33 am aboard a Hummer car. He is accompanied by his bodyguards, who take him to the polling station. E. Frankline Ndifor Afanwi, number 206 on the list, served his civic duty at 11:35. "I feel the joy of victory rise in me. I invite everyone to vote. There are visible signs of change this year, "said the candidate. He also campaigned for peace in the post-election period in Cameroon.

At 12:02 min, 89 voters had already been registered in polling station E. The delay in the material was decried in some polling stations as at Bonamatumbe Public School. The absence of scrutineers and representatives of political parties such as the Add, the UDC, the Purs and the Universe party was also observed.Information on the absence of Mrc's bulletins in the center of private school The Djione, which circulated on the internet at midday, was presented as a Fakenews by Séverin Nken, the president of polling station K (offending bureau ) and Jean-Jules Kamla, the representative of Mrc.

Source: The Day No 2784