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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Electoral litigation: the Constitutional Council creates an incident and exposes itself

Those who believed that the Constitutional Council whose president and "honorable" members are appointed by the president of the republic and national president of the party in power (at least half of whose members of the Council are activists), then candidate for the presidential election, could show impartiality, can disillusion.

Under pretext of having allowed the lawyers of the candidate Maurice Kamto to speak during nearly 11 hours, the president of the Constitutional Council fell this evening the mask of militant of the party in power, and thus naturally of support of the candidate who is from , the outgoing President Paul Biya, creating himself a hearing incident that allowed him to put on the agenda for Thursday at 18 hours, the case No. 17 of the role relating to the motion for partial annulment of the election presidential election of 7 October 2018.

We can not count the number of times that the president of the Constitutional Council, who began by giving the feeling of being as placid as a lake, made to the lawyers of Maurice Kamto, the blackmail of the incident of hearing, to prevent them from taking the counterpart of the flow of venom that had spilled on their client and them, the representatives of the candidate Paul Biya.

Representatives of Paul Biya who, in addition to Minister Rdpc Gregory Owona and former ministers Njiemoun Mama and Elvis Ngolle Ngolle (all of the Rdpc also), consisted of Elecam (represented by its Director General), the Ministry of Territorial Administration represented by its Secretary General), of the Cameroonian army (represented by two senior military officers). The last three entities were supposed to be neutral, but all of them took part for the incumbent presidential candidate.

The height is when a judge of the Constitutional Council, Emile Essombe, whose role in the specialization - in the process of finalizing - the result of the presidential election can not be concealed, was piqued to produce a document to corroborate his accusation of intellectual dishonesty, falsehood and deception launched on Tuesday at the address of Michèle Ndoki, one of the members of the panel of lawyers of Maurice Kamto. The document he was producing was, in fact, the very prototype of the false: the 32-page document purporting to contain the minutes of the proceedings of the National Commission for the Census of Votes had only six pages countersigned by the parties involved in the proceedings. works, the rest of the pages are not. But supporters of the Biya regime being champions of excess, the judge-party emile Essombe, instead of stopping to present this document from the top of his courtroom, began to skew the results to the Soviet obtained by Paul Biya in the localities where Maurice Kamto demanded the cancellation of the election. At this point, the Kamto Council realizes that the documents it has in its possession and which is supposed to be the same presented by the member of the Partial Constitutional Council of Paul Biya, do not contain the figures that the other is in the process of debiting. They then ask to be given the document of Judge Essombe.The latter refuses, but faced with the insistence of the Appellant's Council, the president of the Constitutional Council who tries to silence them in vain finally admits that they are given. It is then that the defense of Kamto discovers and denounces the pot roses that it brings to the attention of the president who plays his future. This one wants to silence them, in vain, and ends up re-intoning the threat of the hearing incident. By dint of shouting the ears of Kamto's lawyers, he ends up irritating them, who answer them that as much as to do, so much to go. Then, patatras!, The judge puts the matter under advisement for tomorrow at 18 hours and suspends the hearing, after having meant to Joshua Osih, candidate of Sdf, that his case will be heard Thursday from 10 am.

So has just ended in the tumult, the examination of the election dispute litigation of the opposition candidate that many sources, including as well within the electoral organ that of the National Commission of Census of the Ways say to have emerged victorious from the last election, according to reliable documents in their possession and in the possession of the candidate Kamto.

A situation that foreshadows a troubled future for the country where, despite Maurice Kamto's ceaseless appeals for the preservation of peace, the regime is brewing its weapons to provoke the explosion and put the country upside down, even though he will have won, a question of punishing the Cameroonian people who openly showed him in the polls that he no longer wanted him.

Reporter: Sam Mayem