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Friday, October 12, 2018

Elections 2018: Maurice Kamto to bring Atanga Nji to justice

Despite the outcry, Maurice Kamto goes on the offensive. The MRC candidate will take legal action against CRTV and the Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji. The announcement was made Wednesday afternoon, in a statement by his spokesman, Olivier Bibou Nissack.

The "penalty shooter" accuses national television of having broadcast a report in which people have usurped the title of observers of Transparency International. Indeed, on Monday, 24 hours after the election, a subject was broadcast by CRTV in which a certain Raphaƫl Kalfon presented as an observer of the anti-corruption NGO was pleased with the holding of the ballot, which he said, " of great serenity and democratic emancipation. "

The day after the broadcast of this report, Amnesty International denied the sending of an observation mission for the presidential election in Cameroon. Following this denial to drag the public TV office to justice. "Maurice Kamto reserves the right to engage in the coming hours, proceedings against the CRTV and staff responsible for this," said Bibou Nissack. Similarly, he said, the RCM is calling for an investigation and the findings are made public.

On the other hand, Maurice Kamto accuses MINAT Atanga Nji of having declared the day after the election "that no representative of the 8 other candidates were present in the North-West and South-West regions". This is false information, says Bibou Nissack who indicates that the RCM had deployed its representatives in the two English-speaking regions.

"The assertion of MINAT therefore pushed us to consider measures related to the judicial remedy. At the moment, diligences are being taken to bring this to justice and the right to be said, "said the spokesman of the candidate who continues to claim, without giving any number, his victory in the presidential election.