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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Election: Maurice Kamto forces the admiration of 'great minds'

Men are also discovered under the circumstances and history makes great leaps only if they are able to rise to the height of the causes and meaning that the event imposes. What is the event today?THE SPEECH OF OCTOBER 08. That of Professor KAMTO. Speech that transformed what could be a banal electoral circus into a founding event of the opening of the transition for a new Republic. From this speech, nothing will be like before.

Through it is now born the democratic hope of so many generations. This image of Mr. KAMTO, surrounded by Mr. MUNA and Mr. EKOKA, speaking up to demand the vote of the people will undoubtedly become a monument in the glorious part of our common archive. These men have succeeded in transforming an electoral circus where extras like in the past have been multiplied, in moment of truth!

At the moment of this speech, Maurice KAMTO embodied the best of this nation!These men have become the best and most courageous of a generation that has been accustomed to showing the power of submission, opportunism, treason and cowardice.

At the moment of this speech I ceased to see him, the hesitant and calculating politician, the palace lawyer or the narrowly positivist jurist, the timorous ideologue or the party leader in Cameroon. At this moment, his presidentality materialized. The image of these coalesced men, and the words he uttered, in a strong and serene voice can no longer be erased from memory.

Maurice KAMTO has become a statesman! He has become the prince who can hold the sword of this vacillating Republic. The democrat that I am certainly does not have the fascination of great men, but the passion of great peoples. To be honest, I am wary of the spirit of religion and fanaticism, quick to divine the messiah under the apparitions of the first illusionist to come.

What I affirm is that for a people to reach greatness, there must be women and men capable of becoming great! Big and big by their desire to seek the height of History. What is the great cause today? It is the recognition of the voice of a people!People whose voice, the authentic voice would finally impose. A voice escaping the political insignificance in which it is confined since the traumatism of the founding moments of this Nation.

As much as any truth needs to incarnate itself in individual destinies to exist, today, and I say today, this man is the one who is confused with this cause. To defend this cause is to defend this man!

And to defend this man is to defend this cause! He has become the rider by the side of which one must behave as long as he does not fall from the horse on which his word and his courage and that of his supporters have hoisted him.

Only the enemies of this cause and some fools could attack him. That's why it's also a moment of truth and a moment of clarification. I hear the rumor of all the cowards, all the petty and shady ideologues and some naive, who try to stigmatize this man, the man of this cause. They improvise for some legalist lawyers and for others into rioters of imaginary conspiracies.

Petitions of legalism fun against a regime that has never ceased to rely on the laws and the force to trample the law and confiscate sovereignty . Such contradictions, sometimes emanating from beautiful minds, are undoubtedly to be psychoanalysed. There is obviously something of the lawsuit in origin that one does not dare to confess sometimes by using rhetorical juggling. This is the other part cursed of the soul of our Nation!Another, which we will have to heal. It must stop! One may be ordered to pay for one's words and deeds. But no one has to pay for his name!

Precisely, do not go insidiously looking where I come from, what origin I'm talking about, referring to the accents of my own name. It is not our origins that make our ideas. It is our ideas that do what we do with the question of origins.

I never knew how to be Cameroonian. I have never tried anything but being Cameroonian. This name of identity that deserves to be because it can be the only one that mixes at the same time a thousand stories of the world. We may not like Maurice KAMTO. But faced with the suffering of this people, there is no legitimate reason not to honor and defend THE SPEECH OF OCTOBER 08.

Let's conclude on a small exercise of self-analysis for the use of all: You who say you do not agree with this man, ask yourself if it is the Cameroonian in you who speaks or the beast programmed for hate the name he wears. And you who say defend THE SPEECH OF OCTOBER 08 ask yourself if you deserve this honor by defending it with the passion of this name and this great and beautiful utopia of multiple community: Cameroon.

We must defend democracy! We must defend KAMTO! We must defend Cameroon!

Reporter: Lindjuom Mbowou