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Monday, October 22, 2018

Election 2018: Yaoundé and Douala under military surveillance

In Cameroon, the Constitutional Council will proclaim Monday, October 22 the results of the presidential election held on October 7.

Sunday in Douala as a prelude to this event, opponents have planned a protest in the streets of the city. They wanted to denounce what for them is nothing but an electoral hold-up, in anticipation of the likely victory of Paul Biya.

The police have defeated this event. The demonstration that had been banned by the city authorities was literally stifled by law enforcement and security forces.

In the early hours of the morning, the home of SDF deputy Jean Michel Nitcheu, who was the main organizer, was surrounded by dozens of police officers.

One of his relatives testified that he was unable to leave his house. The same device was observed at Édith Kah Wallah of the Cameroon People's Party.

On a video that was broadcast on social networks, she was seen in full discussion with police officers who were posted in front of her residence.

The meeting point where the protesters were expected was also invested by the police, as well as the itinerary where the march was planned.

This all-out deployment was finally right, even the most reckless, and the march finally did not take place.

In Yaoundé, on the other hand, it was calm.All day employees were busy on one of the seven hills of the city where is the Palace of Congress and where the Constitutional Council sits.

The ceremony announcing the results of the presidential election is scheduled for 11 am, late morning.