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Friday, October 5, 2018

Election 2018: who is actually Wilfried Ekanga, the messenger of Kamto

A survey conducted at the beginning of September by 344 viewers by C├ędric Djeundji, a consultant in management and optimization of organizations and on the perception and appreciation of Cameroon's TV channels, gives Claude Wilfried Ekanga Ekanga media personality favorite Cameroonians. He is ahead of his senior political scientist Mathias Eric Owona Nguini and economist Dieudonne Essomba.

An eclectic intellectual, he is now part of this minority of the regime's privileged privileged who, after solid university studies in the West, have managed to deviate from the trajectory traced by their parents in a society where the reproduction of the elite is strongly entrenched. to defend widows and orphans within civil society.

son of the Deputy Rdpc of Upper Nyong Joachim Ekanga Abata, a political scientist and specialist in international relations, essayist writer in his spare time, gradually imposes on Cameroonian public opinion to from 2016, thanks in particular to his multiple positions against Western economic imperialism in Africa.

He curses the CFA, also criticizes the model or rather the non-economic model of African states, and brocarde the intellectual class in a Francophone Africa that he considers as an unusual place where intelligence is measured by the number of diplomas obtained.

"Most of the time, they wander in tie suits and we call them" intellectuals ". They are people who love when they talk and nobody understands what they say, "says Claude Ekanga Ekanga.

At 27, he has just committed to the side of Maurice Kamto he supports in the perspective of the presidential next 07 October in Cameroon. He has practically become the darling of the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc). As such, the native of the Eastern region goes around the TV sets to explain the project of society of the "penalty shooter".

However, he says, "I am not an active member of the Mrc, but I decided to devote my energy to them. Being opposed to the politics of the party in power, I would like to see another political formation with the supreme magistracy, but whose vision is in conformity with my way of seeing things; especially the economic project, the social idea and the involvement of young people ".

Able to speak at the same time of economy, history, literature, among other fields, he is the muse of the Cameroonians of the diaspora who invites him across Europe to conferences on European imperialism in Africa , through military bases and other economic partnership agreements

. "I came to Cameroon specifically for the campaign because we have to get people to understand that we can change things: another president, another government, another idea of ​​politics. I would like to get young people to get involved, to transcend their fear, not to go back as long as they know that what they are doing is for the good cause, "he explains.