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Monday, October 8, 2018

Election 2018: update on the results that drop by drop

The results in the presidential election are beginning to drop. Early trends clearly indicate that Maurice Kamto is styling Paul Biya at the post. Whether in Paris, Germany and the major regions of Cameroon, it is the MRC candidate who comes first.

Not surprisingly, the English-speaking regions of the Northwest and Southwest have flatly boycotted the election. Of the 2,343 polling stations originally planned, there are only 79 left for the entire northern English-speaking region, including 13 in Bamenda.

In many offices, some candidates have been discovered with several voter cards (see photos), while the ballots of candidate Maurice Kamto are reported out of stock in other places. Candidates of the UDC candidate Adamou Ndam Njoya have not been sent by ELECAM at least to 17 polling stations. And even abroad, there are several anomalies in Kuwait or in China and in Europe.

1- Representatives of Professor Maurice Kamto, candidate of the MRC opposition party, were expelled from polling stations in Bastos.

2- The shooting, clashes and deaths are recorded in the English-speaking area, and more particularly in Bamenda, Ndo, Buea, Limbe.

3- In many polling stations Elecam's lists are not the same as those displayed. Many voters do not find their names.

4- To the ngousso district behind the Blue pharmacy, in a place called Santa Maria where three urns were hidden to be certainly stuffed with the ballots of the party in power.

5- MRC activists were expelled from Nkolmetet by natives promising death.

6- Representatives of the RCM were also beaten up at Efoulan Public School.

7- School Gives Big Hangard Room K

The MRC ballots are over and the president of the polling station has refused to refuel.

8- In NKONGSAMBA the CPDM executives raised 25 million CFA francs to bribe the officials of ELECAM and the opposition to vote for people instead of absentees.

9- At Bano Public School by Bandja, the president of the polling station, Fondjo David, chief of Bandja, submitted envelopes containing the CPDM newsletters and threatened to show the bulletin of the MRC.

10- In Maroua Salack, the BIR soldiers forced people to vote and go out with the MRC ballot.

11- At the Cameroon Embassy in Paris, people with names on the lists with receipts were banned from voting.

12- In Bamenda army helicopters were deployed to set up polling stations.

13. The ballot papers of AKERE MUNA were kept in the polling stations despite its withdrawal in favor of the candidate Maurice Kamto and his letter addressed to ELECAM.

14- A representative of the RCM in BAHAM was arrested and confined to the Ter de Baham Brigade for opposing the fraud.

15- In the BAMBOUTOS, NGANOU DJOUMESSI had all the representatives of the MRC expelled from all the polling stations of the Bamboutos.

16- At Camp Yeyap Office F: The president of the office has voted people without a national identity card on the pretext that they are men in uniform. In these offices, the gendarmes in uniform threatened Roger NOAH the Deputy Secretary General of the RCM present on the spot.

17- The polling stations were closed in Garoua EP GRA II for the sole reason that the president had gone to do the prayer.

18- In fotouni the chief chief publicly bought the voters and put the bulletin of the RDPC in the envelopes.

19. The representatives of the MRC and UNIVERS were stranded outside the Cameroonian Embassy in Geneva.

20- In NKONGSAMBA 1st the mayor, El Hadj Adamou, boss of the freight handed 10000 FCFA to each voter who proved to him that he voted for Paul Biya by presenting him the bulletin of the MRC of professor Maurice Kamto.

Here are also some results from the diaspora:

Paris (France)

1-Mauritius Kamto 578

2-Cabral Libii 530

3-Paul Biya 145

Germany (Berlin Offices A and B)

Total registered = 862

voters Voters = 119

Participation rate = 13, 81%

1. Kamto = 81 votes or 68.07%

2. Cabral = 16 votes or 13.45%

3. Paul Biya = 15 votes or 12.61%

4. Osih = 5 votes or 4.2%


Paul Biya 74 voices

Maurice Kamto 24 Voices

Cabral Libii 7 Voices

Akere Muna 1 Voices

Joshua Osih 1 Voices

Rome (Italy)

Paul Biya 79 voices

Maurice Kamto 43 votes

Cabra Libii 25 votes

Matomba 1 voice


Paul Biya 92 voices

Maurice Kamto 12 voices

Cabral Libii 5 voices


Biya = 10

Osih = 23

Kamto = 275

Franklin 07

Cabal libil = 53