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Friday, October 12, 2018

Election 2018: Transparency International Cameroon drives Paul Biya

72 hours after the controversy over the false observers of Transparency International, Mr. Charles Nguini, president of the Cameroonian representation of this NGO came back on this case became political. It is explained in an interview granted to our colleagues of Journal du Cameroun.

Who are these observers attributed to the NGO Transparency International? 

I can not tell you who they are since I do not know them. I saw them for the first time last night. Because after our denial of yesterday, they called me, they absolutely wanted to meet me. Some of them were leaving. I asked to see the Hilton, an open and public place. I went to the Hilton, that's when we met and I knew who they were. I asked them what was this case?And we explained to ourselves.

You pretend not to know them, but there is this reportage of the national television which was watched in mondo vision ...

I will explain things in simple terms. Last Thursday we organized a press conference to announce that we are setting up a platform to denounce fraud and irregularities in the area of ​​corruption.It's called election-corruption-no-sissia and it's part of a project dedicated to this electoral operation. And then we had about fifty volunteers that we deployed in three pilot regions: Mfoundi, Wouri and Fako. These are the ones we put on the ground, we of TPI.

In addition, we have formed other civil society organizations, using our platform with our technical partner Afro leadership.These observers were therefore part of the people who were trained, but they were under the banner of another association called Cameroon press agency. I must tell you that there were also observers from various backgrounds, including those from the African Union who were interested in our platform.

How did you learn that observers were speaking on behalf of TPI? 

We were surprised all of us, me first when I listen to the Crtv, I hear announcements that there are TPI observers who have made a press conference. I asked the executive director, just for the sake of form, and we immediately seized our international secretariat in Berlin. But I can tell you that until yesterday, they swore on their hearts that they had never said they were on a mission of Transparency International. The confusion, as they said, was that they were trained by TPI but people preferred to remember that they belonged to it.

Will Transparency International bring legal action against these observers?

When we discussed, they were confused in apologies and for me it's enough. I must tell you that they were scared, they told me they have received a lot of threat from Cameroonian social networks ... as soon as they accept a request is the insults. One of them almost cried ... I made some adjustments and that's what counts: Tpi does not know them.

Have you asked a right of response to the media that relayed this information? 

One of my members found that the Crtv removed this element from these programs on the web. Cameroon forum no longer talks about that, so we can ask. But for the moment we have not considered doing so, but we can formally request a right of reply especially if it takes proportions that are such that they must deny.