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Friday, October 12, 2018

Election 2018: This is the country that provided the fake observers

Nearly 50 years ago, Mongo Beti in Main Basse sur le Cameroun (1972), observed that the presence of Mr. Louis Pettiti, a lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal, who had taken "cause and cause for the Organizer of one of the most hateful political trials we have seen in a long time, not just in Africa, "was just a standardization strategy.

The presence of false observers claiming Transparency International in the presidential election of October 7, 2018, also obeys a scholarly standardization.

The creation of a fictitious press agency (Agence Cameroun Presse) and the coming into play of the CRTV that its Director General has renamed "Tam-tam of the president" are all techniques that do not deceive.

While Transparency International was vilified yesterday by the regime when it dealt with corruption in Cameroon, we were surprised to hear the griots of the Grand Tam-Tam welcome with kindness the alleged representatives of the body previously vomited . 'According to information circulating on the net, said observers were recruited by one of the most powerful allies on which the regime is based. This ally provides him with weapons, ammunition and various technical support for his various armies.We took care to recruit French speaking barbouzes even if they come from different countries.

If the regime has nothing to be ashamed of, if the organization of the election was so transparent, why then have felt the need to manufacture upstream fake observers? Why did they run away as soon as they discovered the pot with roses?Soon the President's Tam-Tam is going to water the regime's support motions from all over the country and condemn the misguided, of course.

Reporter: Ambroise Kom