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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Election 2018: a 'son' of Paul Biya throws himself into the dance

Jules François Famawa (JFF) has a lot to do. He does not sleep anymore. He wants so much. He is everywhere where need is felt. He only has eyes for Paul Biya. He does not skimp on his personal energy, his material and human resources. He agreed, he is sure of victory. Only the percentage interests him now. "You made the firm promise of 99.99% plebiscite to my father (Paul Biya). You honor us. As far as we are concerned, we will return the lift, "he said to his guests. Who to do so, count on "my elders, HE Jean Claude Mbwentchou, Hon.Frederic Djeuhon, Tankeu Benoit, Tchagna Jacqueline Dream Angeline ... They are many. The businessman already sports attributes of great elite and great notable of the Bazou royalty.

Its sumptuous residence Bazou vibrated at the rate of reunion on September 29, 2018. They were more than 800 motorcycle drivers practicing in the District of Bazou (5 groupemants), all the leaders of neighborhoods of the commune of the same name, traditional chiefs, women's organizations, and the heads of the offices of the sections Oj, Of and Rdpc Nde-west.The icing on the cake is the celebration of the marriage weddings between the Upc and the Bazou Rdpc, which JFF magnified and recognized by the crab party activists."We have come to reaffirm to Mr. Jules François Famawa that he can count on us.Paul Biya is the only candidate able to consolidate the achievements of peace and prosperity in Cameroon, "boasted Miegue Emmanuel, guide of the historic party in the Department of Ndé. Not without mentioning "but, the UPC will always exist".

"Polos and Teeshirts made in Italy", pagnes and many other gadgets stamped "Paul Biya, the candidate of the Nde" on the front and "President Paul Biya is noble in management, trustworthy and elegant in his catch "decisions" on the back, have been distributed to all assistance .. Money has also flowed. Announcements of donations of drinking water drilling in rural areas were made. A meal and a reception of honor allowed to reinforce the forces.

The various parties separated with a smile on their faces and gave themselves up on the evening of October 7 "to celebrate the victory of our head of the family," fell JFF.