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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Election 2018: Sawa chiefs call to vote Paul Biya

They reaffirmed their willingness to see the candidate Biya to reign at the head of Cameroon during a so-called local meeting this Sunday on September 30 in Douala.

It was the park of the princes of Bali which served as a frame for this ceremony, strong in symbol and full of significance. The choice of the chiefs sawa was already known from the fact that they had already at a previous Ceremony there ' a few months called President Paul Biya to run for the presidential election.

This Sunday's ceremony was therefore a way for the guardians of the water people's tradition to reaffirm their willingness to see the rdpc's candidate win the poll next Sunday. In front of a prestigious audience of ministers including Ngalle Bibehe, Laurent Esso, Lejeune Mbella and Mouelle Kombi all sons of the coast, and phillipe Mbarga Mboa, the chiefs sawa called their sons and daughters to go massively to the polls Sunday next to fulfill their civic duty but especially plebiscite Paul Biya. In their solemn declaration counting for voting instructions, the chiefs sawa have suggested that "The Sawa people of Wouri distinctly proclaims their deep faith to the candidate Paul Biya, to respond successfully and happiness to these issues and concerns.

The Sawa people of Wouri invite the inhabitants of this metropolis to massively and clearly, their choice on the candidate Paul Biya, in view of plebiscite on October 7. "It responds to" the vital requirement of peace, stability, the unity and indivisibility of our country, with a view to consolidating democracy and prosperity. "

Strong support for candidate Paul Biya in his presidential race.