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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Election 2018: a RDPC executive announces the victory of Paul Biya

After the release of Maurice Kamto, who has proclaimed himself the winner of the presidential election, it is the turn of Professor Pascal Messanga Nyamding, influential member of the CPDM to announce the victory of Paul Biya.

In a publication on social networks, the ardent defender of the ideals of Paul Biya condemned the exit of Maurice Kamto and congratulated his 'champion' for being 'overwhelmingly acclaimed' by the Cameroonians.

It must be remembered that Prof Pascal Messanga Nyamding is in open conflict with Prof Maurice Kamto that he has treated as a homosexual. The latter did not ask for a complaint against him.

Below the statement of Prof Pascal Messanga Nyamding

My dear compatriots, our country Cameroon has just lived intensely one of the most complex parts of our PLURALIST DEMOCRACY.

Faced with the obvious identity withdrawal of some immature compatriots, vulnerable and hateful, despite intimidation, threats of the abominable, you remained lucid, strong and patriotic.

Pending the decision of the Constitutional Council, I congratulate you for the lucidity and patriotism that you have shown by overwhelmingly plebiscite candidate Paul BIYA. This renewed confidence for the next seven years will enable us to consolidate a single and indivisible Cameroonian nation in the PEACE, the PROGRESS, the DEVELOPMENT and the GROWTH of all our communities.

Long live His Excellency Paul BIYA, President of the Republic of Cameroon Head of State, Long live Cameroon.