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Monday, October 8, 2018

Election 2018: Paul Biya violated the law on polling day

As usual, it is in an atmosphere of indescribable paranoia that the outgoing President of the Republic and candidate for re-election landed at the voting center of Bastos at 12 o'clock (Yaoundé time), with his wife and of his eldest son, Frank Emmanuel, supervised by a strong escort of his Praetorian Guard, soldiers of the Presidential Guard armed to the teeth.

In the early hours of the morning, various artistic groups singing and dancing to the glory of the outgoing president and brandishing gadgets flocked with his portrait and specimen of his ballot invaded the esplanade of the public school of Bastos, voting center where Mr. Biya and many members of the government exercise their civic right, to give the party to this candidate like no other. At the same time, elements of special police units, passing all road users and voters through the metal detectors to complete personal searches and ID checks, question of showing to the natural candidate president of the Rdpc how many Cameroonians of which he is the "beloved leader", constitute a danger for his life.

It will not be said enough, this demonstration of courting crafted by the regime's pundits to dramatize the electoral fact and pass the rest of the Cameroonians for terrorist trespasses whose proximity is a risk for the presidential life, was made as usual, in total and blatant violation not only of the electoral law that sets the end of any event participating in the promotion of a candidate for the eve (at the latest 23 hours 59 minutes), but also of the Order No. 000022 / A / MINAT / SG / DAP of 05 October 2018 regulating the exercise of certain freedoms and activities on the occasion of the Presidential election of 07 October 2018.

An order of which we publish below the facsimile, signed by the very biyaist Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji presented by a certain opinion in Cameroon as the intellectual author of a false poll carried out by his younger brother, who recently gave President Paul Biya winner of the presidential election with at least 80% of the vote.

The voluntary non-compliance with the electoral law and the aforementioned decree by supporters of Biya, under the nose and beard of MINAT and the police, how much panic seized the camp of the outgoing president to such an extent that they are obliged to fire every piece of wood in order to pass in force, independently of the results of the ballot boxes.

Because for a president whom his supporters - the profiteers of the regime - present as the most popular politician, it is difficult to grasp the motivations of such a folkloric and ostentatious mobilization against a backdrop of escalation, both of the army. and support groups around an elector whose voice is counted only once, like that of any elector.

Before the ceremonious vote of Paul Biya, the students of the public school of Bastos were weaned lessons for two weeks, so that the institution receives a refit in the perspective of the reception of super-voter Paul Biya.

Ceremonial and ceremonial will have been the vote of the candidate president, a candidate-voter like no other

In the land of abuse, the presidential election has once unfolded the excesses of a man-god who likes to embarrass himself willingly ways of Ubu King.