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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Election 2018: Paul Biya beats the seamstress in Dschang

Marathon election day this Sunday, October 7, 2018 when more than 6 million Cameroonian voters had an appointment with the ballot box, on the occasion of the election of a new president at the head of Cameroon.

We are not talking about some irregularities noted here and there. Voters who did not have a national identity card were not allowed to cast their vote. There is also a clean slate on these representatives of certain political parties who are kept out by their polling station president for unknown reasons. Neither do we speak of abstention rate high enough to challenge the conscience of the future president. We do not speak of the high rate of abstention, which could partly be justified by the absence or lack of interest of the students for this presidential election.

What is remembered at the end of this election day in the city of Dschang, it is the stripped (?) Of the candidate Paul Biya.Maurice Kamto flew over the election, including offices in the CPDM electoral strongholds. The phenomenon Cabral Libii has given birth to a mouse, the absence of representatives in polling stations and especially the score that borders on ridicule for someone who initiated and leads an over-mediated operator called "Operation 11 millions of voters.

At the Center's public school, which had three polling stations, candidate Paul Biya scored 106 votes for, against 262 votes for his main challenger Maurice Kamto. In the three polling stations in question, the most striking statistics concern the ratio between the number of registered voters (1076) and the number of voters (413).These figures provide information on the turnout, and the interest of some compatriots in the presidential election. In these offices voted the main personalities of the city.

These figures are indicative and could change in the coming hours, especially when we know that in rural areas the results have always been like a lifeline for the CPDM in both local elections and presidential elections.

Important remark the poor performance of some candidates including Joshua Osih (SDF), Cabral Libii (Universe), Serges Espoir Matomba (PURS), and Ndifor Franklin Afanwi (MCNC .). Old folks, like Adamou Ndam Njoya (UDC), Garga Haman Adji (ADD) were simply crushed by voters who obviously speak in a language much more modern and consubstantial with the problems faced by this idle, desperate youth and who asks to be taken in hand by someone listening to him.

After the polling stations, the headquarters of Elections Cameroon was attacked by the presidents of the office. It's hard to crack a passage in this crowd of faces stifled by the hard work of the day.