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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Election 2018: MRC mission officers deprived of their passports

Saturday, October 13, 2018, Eric Moumié, militant of the MRC is relieved of his passport by agents of information at the airport of Nsimalen Yaounde, when embarking for Germany where he resides for several years.

The young activist had come to Cameroon to take part in the electoral campaign at the presidential election of October 7, on behalf of the candidate Maurice KAMTO, whose mission he was in the region of western Cameroon. It happens that Eric Moumié realizes the disappearance of his passport and his wallet deposited in a baggage tray, after the magnetometer control by the agents of the SICASS in the boarding room. It is then that he remembers that, a few minutes before, he was shoved by the cordo of SICASS, who had even politely excused himself.

It was precisely at this moment that his passport and his wallet mysteriously changed hands. Without this one and being unable to travel, he will go to the SICASS * office and then to the police station to notify and file a declaration of loss. All pretended to know nothing.

On the contrary, it would be proposed to make a slanderous denunciation against the president of his party, Maurice Kamto, if he wants to obtain the precious sesame, one learns.

Indeed, "on Sunday the 14th, he receives an anonymous phone call which proposes to denounce the results of which Maurice Kamto would be in possession if he does not not to the will of the regime to legalize results made behind computer stations, in return for the return of its travel documents. " What the activist Eric Moumié strongly rejected and is worth it, therefore, strong pressure from the regime in place.

Eric Moumie holds a Master's degree in Economic Engineering, logistics and transport option, from FH Gelsenkirchen, in Germany and very active in the Cameroonian community, especially in Dortmund, where the announcement of his misadventure has plunged the whole of the Cameroonian community, his family, his friends and the university authorities in fear and trouble.