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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Election 2018: Minister Djoumessi caught in the act of fraud

They unfolded in the native Bamesso of the Minister of Public Works. At the public school of Bamesso Latet, a corner equipped with beverages was set up to quench the greedy gorges of the voters. 

The presidential election of this Sunday, October 7, 2018 in Mbouda, in the department of Bamboutos, did not record a rate of honorable voter turnout. The polling stations have not had much affluence.

A sample of 5 polling stations taken downtown, including a bilingual school;youth center; public school group (I);public school group (II) and nursery school, made, respectively, mention of: number of registered 420, opinions expressed 251; number of participants 134, votes cast 53; number of participants 197, votes cast 102; number of registered voters 335, votes cast 200; number of registered 322, votes cast 205.

According to a polling station president, this situation could be explained by the fact that the abstainers believe that their participation in the electoral game will not change anything in the electoral masquerade organized by the Rdpc regime whose obsession is to ensure the re-election of Paul Biya to the supreme magistracy. "Some who even voted are those who have a direct interest in the regime's clutches or who have swapped their vote for a piece of soap or hard cash given to them by the ruling party's zealists," argues. -he.

It should be noted that in Bamesso, the village of the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, it was noted and deplored the presence of effigies of candidate Paul Biya in polling stations.

Similarly, electoral charters were deployed to secure the re-election of the CPDM candidate. According to our sources, transport buses have been chartered for the cause. Multiple votes were not left out.At the Bamesso Latet Public School, for example, a corner equipped with beverages was set up to quench the greedy gorges of the electors.

The presence of the bandits election was also announced in the town of Balatchi, village of the mayor of Mbouda commune, Roger Michel Ngoulla Nkenlack. Joined on the phone by our source, the municipal magistrate was satisfied with: "There are no electoral bandits in Balatchi. What must be remembered is that one can not blame the local sons and daughters residing in Douala or Yaoundé and regularly registered on the local electoral lists to return to the village to vote. "

This view is shared by the president of the section YCPDM Bamboutos center (I).Jean Claude Tatissong argues that all those who have fulfilled their civic duty during this presidential election in the locality are regularly registered on the local electoral lists.