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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Election 2018: Maurice Kamto finally acknowledged his defeat, Jean Momo de Dieu

This is in any case what has been suggested by the President of the Democratic Patriotes for Development of Cameroon (PADDEC) Jean Momo de Dieu.

Speaking this Friday in the Decryption program on the television channel Vision 4, Me Jean Momo de Dieu said the appeal sent by the MRC candidate to the Constitutional Council would be an admission of failure on the part of Maurice Kamto.

"You can not request the cancellation of election results in an area where you have won. (...) By demanding the cancellation of the results of six regions, the MRC candidate already recognizes that he has lost in these regions, "explained Jean Momo de Dieu.

And to continue: "And even if we assume that he won in the other four regions where he did not demand the cancellation of the votes, which is unlikely, it would be mathematically impossible for him to win the presidential election. 'with these 4 regions'.

"It was a mistake for him to declare his victory and asked for the cancellation of votes in six out of ten regions", concluded the one said to have applied "electoral mathematics" in his demonstration.

Like several other presidential candidates, Maurice Kamto appealed to the Constitutional Council for the cancellation of votes in the North West, South West, East, South, North and Far North.

According to the vice-president of the MRC, Emmanuel Simh, fraud has been observed in these region