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Monday, October 1, 2018

Election 2018: Large population turn out at Maurice Kamto meeting that took place In Yaoundé sports stadium

The candidate Maurice Kamto, from the movement for the renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) to the presidential election scheduled for October 7, mobilizes hundreds of thousands of supporters during its meeting at the esplanade of the Omnisports stadium in Yaounde

Among the supporters present, are the former mayor of the town of Njombé-Penja, Paul Eric Kingué, also campaign manager Maurice Kamto. One can also find in the foreground the former technical advisor to the President of the Republic, Penda Ekoka.

More than one hundred policemen are deployed at the esplanade of Omnisports stadium in Yaounde and in the streets around the space where the rally took place.

At the moment we put this brief online, it is a real human tide that is present on the scene, bringing together about 20,000 people, according to the organizers.