Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Election 2018: Kah Walla flies to the rescue of Maurice Kamto

Cameroonian opposition leader Kah Walla, president of the Cameroon People's Party (CPP), said Friday that presidential candidate Maurice Kamto has not broken the law and "did not self-proclaimed winner" by announcing his victory overnight of the poll.

Kah walla defends Maurice Kamto "I do not see the law that Mr. Kamto raped ... He did not proclaim himself the winner, if he did, he would have started walking towards Etoudi (presidential palace). He said that according to the elements he had, he won the election, "reacted Ms. Walla, joined on the phone by Africa sur7.

"The members of the government say that he broke the law and in the sentence they say he could not have won because they won in the Far North. they are saying "can the results be pronounced or not?", she wondered, arguing that the latter "only give results since the end of the poll".

According to the analysis of the former presidential candidate of 2011, "only the Constitutional Council is entitled" to proclaim "the winner according to the law", but "that does not mean that no one can declare that he has won."

Monday, the law professor announced his victory after the poll held Sunday and invited Paul Biya, president since 1982 and candidate for his succession, to a "peaceful transmission of power to protect Cameroon from a post-election crisis", despite the warnings of the Minister of Territorial Administration

Paul Atanga Nji, against "any questioning of the verdict of the polls, outside the legal channels ". More than six million voters were expected to elect the new president from eight candidates, including Mr Biya (85), who is serving a seventh term. The Constitutional Council should proclaim the results no later than 22 October.

Source: 237actu.com