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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Election 2018: Jean De Dieu Momo Jest Maurice Kamto: "His Excellency The Self-proclaimed President Kamto"

The president of the PDDEC answered this Friday, September 12 on the television channel vision4, on the occasion of the emission decryption .

Questioned about the heated debate that goes around the web, television channels and radio sets, that of claiming victory after the elections of October 7, Jean de Dieu Momo expressed himself lost on the decision Maurice Kamto to file an appeal in which he seeks a partial annulment of Sunday's election.

For John of God Momo, the actions of Maurice Kamto are totally confused. To pronounce the name of Maurice Kamto, Jean de Dieu Momo expresses himself henceforth in these terms: " his excellency the self-proclaimed president Kamto"; a sort of mockery because the context is not the same as that of supporters of the MRC.