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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Election 2018: in Kribi, Cabral Libii takes over on Paul Biya

The candidate of the party Universe held a meeting Tuesday in Kribi in the department of the Ocean. Cabral Libii went to explain to potential voters how Cameroon will work the day after his election on October 7th.

"Oyé Cabral, the candidate of hope". It is under these youyous of his supporters that the arrival in procession of the candidate of the Party Universe in Kribi, the seaside city was as usual. The team of the National Union Towards Solidarity (Universe) first paraded throughout the city before going to the place of festivals Kribi where many activists and supporters gathered.

On the spot, the rallying song of the movement 11 million voters will sound.Under the "Cabral president", the candidate of the party Universe then takes the floor: "it is not me the key, it is you the key. For a year we have worked. We walked like crazy under the sun. By asking Cameroonians to register. Because when I said the key is the vote, there are people who insult me ​​all day long.

To ensure that his followers are part of the sovereign people of the voters, the candidate of the party Universe asked everyone to present their access cards in the voting booths.

After this stage, Cabral Libii satisfied said: "they say they are onlookers. They say it's idlers. They say you do not vote. Why do you all have voter cards? Thank you for the trust.

Under the shouts of the jubilant crowd.The candidate of the Universe party left Kribi with the promise of a massive vote.In this turning point for the presidential race, Cabral Libii will set sail for the region of the East and Adamaoua this Wednesday, October 03, 2018.