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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Election 2018: I do not trust the electoral code - Maurice Kamto

The candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon had put forward the age of the President of the Republic. In an interview with our colleague Le Jour, he says Paul Biya must retire.

"The present President, if he had anything to offer, he has already done so. Even by his age he could no longer, even if he would, unless he wants others to rule in his place and behind his image. But he himself can no longer and therefore it is necessary that the Cameroonians by the large victory that I hope, make it clear to our President that it is time for him to retire, "said Maurice Kamto the candidate of the Movement for the renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) in the edition of October 4, 2018 of the daily Le Jour.

Asked about the electoral process in Cameroon, the penalty taker who just self proclaimed his victory, said "if there was an Electoral Code adopted a little more consensual, there would already be a little more confidence" .

Maurice Kamto, one of the candidates who held the most meetings during the election campaign, questioned a week ago about what made him run, said that "this is the issue. The country is in such a state that, without catastrophizing, there really needs to be a national leap.

That's why I do not consider the election of October 7 as a political election. It is an election that offers the opportunity for our country to rebound. I think that everyone deep inside must find the necessary lucidity to say, in which hands we can put our countries back for years to come. "