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Friday, October 12, 2018

Election 2018: how Maurice Kamto put all Etoudi in turmoil

In claiming his victory in the presidential election last Sunday, the candidate of the Movement for the rebirth of #Cameroon (RCM), has thrown a certain confusion within the apparatchik. Discordant outcry, even on the web, followed, sort of our social malaise.

The shooter of the "historic penalty" says that the ball is at the bottom of the net. "I received a mission to shoot the historic penalty. I shot it, the goal was scored.Translation, I won the presidential election.It's good war. But two facts are troubling in his statement and suggest that this is not an announcement. First, on social networks the various partial results, it must be recalled, from some polling stations both within the country and within the diaspora, place it in mind. Credible or not? The Constitutional Council, on the basis of the various reports of Elections Cameroon (Elecam), will find out in the light of the law the truth of the false. The sphere network is burning with the victory of Professor Maurice Kamto. This can be understood.

Never has such an initiative come into the political game of Cameroon. The political actors have the habit of wisely waiting in their corner the announcement of the results, yesterday by the Supreme Court and today by the Constitutional Council.The announcement of the MRC candidate is thus perceived as an unusual pretense of a player, which would take the breath away from the opponent and the referee in unison. Then the pooled output of the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM, the Secretary to the communication, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Central Committee on social networks, the spokesman of the Government, certifies that the claim of victory for " light "or" phantasmagoric ", is it created a jolt down in the seraglio.

Even opposition candidates are on the frontlines to shoot the penalty taker because he said he scored the goal. We heard the statement of Garga Haman rise particularly Adji, who recommend everyone to observe the law, as he went to Joshua Osih, which rubs in person for the first time the reality of universal suffrage for the accession to Etoudi.

By the 22nd, the deadline set for the Constitutional Council to deliver the results, there will certainly be further twists in this electoral crisis that does not say its name.

As in school

Everything happens exactly as if those who criticize the exit of the candidate of the MRC use the same trajectory quarreled. Issa Tchiroma Bakary, for example, admitted that the Rdpc won in the north. Where do the results from the north come from? Here we are in a class where the results are known in advance and announced by the students. Why what is criticized from one's mouth is frowned upon by others? To illustrate what we are experiencing today, we could say that candidates are engaged in a contest of which only one will be admitted. One day after the contest, one of the candidates announces that he is the only one admitted. What will the other candidates do? They first gauge the thickness of the pretender.

If it weighs, it goes without saying that the others will not remain the language sewn to the palace. Without even asking where the notes come from, because they know it, everyone enters the perilous business of the ad game. Does everyone have solid arguments to make his statements? While waiting for the report of the National Commission of general census of the votes which was installed last night by the president of the Council, one already wonders who won in this epic race towards Etoudi.

The MRC candidate who shouts victory has certainly feared that the body in charge of proclaiming the result of the vote "forgets" or "falsifies" its notes. Where did his notes come from? It can be validly considered as the prescription of Article 113 of the Electoral Code, hence the weak point in the lock for the confidentiality of the notes.

Indeed, he says: "Immediately after the counting, the result acquired in each polling station is made public. It is therefore probably the sum of the votes and percentages acquired in the various polling stations on the national territory and within the diaspora that could found Maurice Kamto to say that he is the only one admitted to the contest.

Is it materially possible, one day after the votes? Social networks could play their part in the case if that was the case. The debates related to the post-electoral dispute promise hot clashes before the Constitutional Council.