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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Election 2018: here are all the irregularities denounced by the opponents

Two candidates vying against Paul Biya claimed victory on Monday, October 8, the day after the presidential election: Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii. Joshua Osih believes that these proclamations are "premature". But all agree to denounce a presidential election tainted by "obvious irregularities".

The headquarters of Joshua Osih, located at the ideal crossroads in Douala, is not empty in the aftermath of voting. Monday evening, the time was still the "collection, census and exploitation" minutes. "There were more than 25,000 polling stations in the ten regions. The minutes arrive as and when. The process is on its way, "said Henry Kenjang, spokesman for the Social Democratic Front (SDF) candidate.

Joshua Osih is not present. The day before, he voted at Lycée Joss, in the heart of Douala. When he left the polling station, the candidate of the main opposition party denounced before the media present, "serious problems" that occurred during the election.

He particularly drew the attention of journalists on the Prime Minister Philemon Yang, whose polling station was moved at the last minute, because of the crisis in the North- Where is. "If it is true that the Prime Minister was allowed to vote in Bamenda [instead of Oku, ed], then there is a serious problem. "

Evoking Maurice Kamto, who claimed his victory before the publication of the results, Joshua Osih has distanced himself. "Delivering results today is a premature act," he said, adding that it is "important to understand that an election is a democratic act that should be in accordance with the laws. ".

"Our representatives were expelled from the polling stations"

Cabral Libii - who also claimed victory - denounces irregularities that would taint the smooth conduct of the poll. Joined Tuesday by Jeune Afrique, the candidate of the party Universe, lists a long list of grievances. "First of all, there were areas where we did not have our ballots, in Nkongsamba 2, in Mayo Kani and in Logone and Chari," he says.

"We have recorded cases where people had voter cards or receipts but could not find their names anywhere on the lists.Finally, we have cases where our representatives have been thrown out of polling stations altogether. We observed it at Buea, in the Lekie at Monatele; and sometimes it's their HP that was torn off, "adds Cabral Libii.

Cabral Libii has already announced that he will reject "results from polling stations tainted by fraud". "We are waiting for all VPs to be reported to us to initiate dispute-resolution procedures," he adds. The same caution is observed in the candidate Joshua Osih, whose teams strive to gather the PV, only documents that can attest to an irregularity. For Maurice Kamto however, "the penalty was scored", and the outgoing president should "organize the conditions for a peaceful transmission of power."

Elecam recognizes "minor incidents"

On social networks, Internet users have relayed images of polling stations in which violations have been observed.

Within Elecam, the organ in charge of the organization of the polls, these dysfunctions are attributed to the representatives of the candidates. "Some minor incidents were recorded in some offices on the coast, verbal excesses of representatives of one or two candidates who, apparently, sought to undermine public order," said Elecam's director, Erik During a press briefing given at the end of the ballot. Legally, candidates have three days to file their applications for rejection with the Constitutional Council, the body in charge of post-election litigation.

Gregory Owona, Minister in charge of Relations with the Assemblies and Deputy Secretary General of the CPDM, for his part recommends to the political actors and the militants of the party in power "to wait calmly the results of the elections, and to respect simply the verdict of the urns . "