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Thursday, October 4, 2018


Less than five days before the presidential election, we continue to scrutinize carefully the realization of the prophecy of Guy Parfait Songue.

In the "7 minutes to convince" program on Afrik-Inform online television last January, the world-renowned senior apostle said President Biya has "no chance of coming alive in the election." of 2018 »

"This man (Paul Biya Ndlr) and all his regime will die in this year 2018", he reassured

Guy Parfait Songue in another outing also added that "no one can help President Biya to escape death, not even the Grand Master of Malta, recently visiting Cameroon"

The countdown is definitely launched, but what draws attention is the reactions of social network subscribers who seem to be losing patience already

"JJ-, Perfect Guy Songue, Tick Tic Tac tac ...", "Docta October is already there please, it will die what day? "," Prophet still waiting ooo "" someone would have news of my friend Guy Perfect Songue?"Perfect Guya Songue says that his prophetic version had confused Biya with kadji, because of their resemblance", are among other unusual messages that can be read on the web

The General of the Eternal from the state of Virginia in the United States where he is now installed is becoming more and more silent. He had himself declared his credibility at stake if his prophecy was not accurate.

"Let's see if I'm credible," he said confidently

The 07 October is not too far, there are only a few days before the end of this soap opera that is played in the minds of Cameroon since nine months.