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Friday, October 12, 2018

Election 2018: From Kondengui Prison, Bertin Kisop Sends 14 Petitions And Asks For The Cancellation Of The Election

The detainee questioning the neutrality of Elecam and the Constitutional Council demands the total cancellation of the presidential election of Sunday, October 07, 2018.

However, Bertin Kisop, who is also the president of the Cameroon Party for Social Justice party (CPFSJ), has been arrested in the central prison of Yaoundé Kondengui. He has not failed to lodge 14 appeals on his own, according to Essingan newspaper no. 127.

According to the tabloid, Bertin Kisop accuses CPD, the ruling party, of colluding with Elecam and the Constitutional Council to facilitate the re-election of outgoing President Paul Biya, which is why he is calling for the cancellation of the October 07 poll in all the regions of Cameroon and at the level of the diaspora. The detainee also demands the suspension of the CPDM for "at least 25 years"

In accordance with the electoral code, the Constitutional Council had until Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at midnight to receive all remedies.

The Constitutional Council said Thursday, having received a total of seventeen appeals within the time limit of seventy-two hours for electoral disputes.

Among others, Maurice Kamto, of the MRC requests the partial cancellation of electoral operations at polling stations in seven regions: Adamaoua, East, Far North, North, North West, South and South West. Reason invoked, violation of certain provisions of the Electoral Code, as well as "non-compliance with the withdrawal of candidate Akere Muna" who withdrew in his favor two days before the election.

Or Joshua Osih of the SDF who asks him "the total cancellation of the presidential election of October 07". His arguments are based inter alia on the violation of certain provisions of the Constitution and the Electoral Code.