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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Election 2018: a fraud strategy discovered in Gabon

How freeville escaped the fraud orchestrated by Edith Félicie Noëlle Ondoua Ateba born Ngaeto Zam the new ambassador of Cameroon in Gabon.

6:30. All twelve representatives of the political parties (SDF, CPDM, UNIVERS, UDC, FPD and the MRC) are present.Before the distribution in the polling station, the leader of the DPP Akéré Muna approaches the ELECAM focal point to ask him to remove the ballots of their candidate from polling stations because the day before he joined the MRC for a winning coalition . "No" answers him the focal point who otherwise consul.

The representative of AKERE wants to make it a problem. He even wants to have no representative in the offices. After consultation with the MRC team, he is calm and his representatives are in the offices with those of the MRC. Four eyes are worth two.

8:15. The newly appointed ambassador Ms. Edith Félicie Noëlle Ondoua Ateba born Ngaeto Zam goes around the polls and fulfills her duty. the whole day the election is held in a republican atmosphere.

Some cases of people who do not have names on the electoral lists but who hold voter cards are registered. They are even allowed to vote under the instructions of the focal point. We were all far from imagining that this calm announced a storm. What am I saying hurricane?

18 hours. The embassy portal closes.Some compatriots who voted in the morning came to the count. All could not enter. In the esplanade of the embassy there are about a hundred people. While everyone is waiting for the counting methods, the ELECAM focal point asks for the ballot boxes to be returned to the Embassy lounge and that is where the counting will take place. He immediately receives the "no" firm from the audience.He summons the representatives of the political parties and makes threats to that of the MRC because he says "it is the name of KAMTO who is chanted outside the portal and as president. the discussion with party officials lasts nearly 2 hours clock.

Meanwhile, the national anthem is sung in the courtyard. This university zone, often so quiet at this time, is unrecognizable given the din that comes out of the EMBASSY.

The consul returns and makes it clear to the crowd that the reason for counting inside is to ensure the safety of the ambassador. New roar of the crowd because since the beginning of the poll the police Gabon is on the scene and works in an exemplary way. Then the crowd sings "respect the police, respect the police".New blocking.

At 1:30 am, convinced that the Cameroonians, some of whom have arrived since 6 am on Sunday, are tired, the diplomatic authorities ask the police to take the urns by force if necessary and to put them in the embassy lounge. After consultation with his superiors, the Chief Troop Lieutenant said: "We are here to secure the vote and ensure it runs smoothly. what was done. When it comes to taking the ballot box by force, this is a state of affairs and that is where our competence ends.

We assure you of all the security if the counting is done there in the yard ". The crowd exults. the police are carried in triumph. Opposite is the soup with a grimace. A cold shower. Better, a slap. But they do not bother. 30 minutes later, they bring big arms that are very quickly neutralized the police. but there was only warming up or stretching. Because a little later the unimaginable was going to happen.

Terrorized by sleep, fatigue and hunger, what Cameroonians will see is extraordinary. At 4 o'clock. While the large portal of the embassy remained closed and guarded by the police, street children (about fifteen) dagger in hand, pass by the back of the building ie the residence of the ambassador , and attack the audience remained dumbfounded and hypnotized.The Gabonese police are the first to react.They open the gate and let the Cameroonians stay outside until this time.The confrontation is brutal and total. A miracle occurs. At the end there is no death of man. no one could have imagined that the embassy would go so far just for a vote. compatriots are in tears. It's horrible.the Gabonese policemen themselves do not come back. An embassy with rogue methods that endangers the lives of people it is supposed to protect.

Having exhausted all their ploys, the day pointing to the horizon, the ambassador sends her emissary to tell the crowd that "ok the stripping will be done in the course with the presence of everyone". The following you know it. the overwhelming victory of professor maurice kamto in Gabon.

What I just described Malian Melanie Betebe Mbia of the CRTV that was present will never tell you. The authorities of Yaounde are called because now Cameroonians in Gabon are in permanent danger.

And the danger comes from the embassy that seems to have the contact of all the street children in Libreville. If our country is still governed, the authorities of the diplomatic mission must be heard and brought before the courts for conspiracy against the people. At the moment when I write to you some clones of the CPDM in Libreville, accomplices of the embassy, ​​not benefiting from the diplomatic immunity are in cell on the premises of the judicial police. The stalled set paid.