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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Election 2018: 'Cabral Libii, a dangerous man to neutralize

Dear friends, I'm sorry. I apologize because I let a watch grow in the sheepfold. But believe me, I told myself that men change because I have always believed in man. I am a liberal so I believe in the ability of men to mutate and transform their spaces.

Our country is at a pivotal stage of its history. A step that will determine at least the next 15 or 25 years. That's a whole generation. We can not afford mistakes.We can not tolerate political swindle, dishonesty and roguery.

Cabral LIBI is simply a pawn of the Biya regime to distract the voices of the opposition and allow young people who suffer from poor governance of poverty, lack of employment not to mobilize to put an end to the dictatorship.

Have you ever wondered how members of the CPDM, Biya's supporters, give him all the space he needs? Sometimes they invent polemics to give it legitimacy? But it is political machinery.

I have known Cabral's boy for almost 20 years. That is to say since he is a student. I saw it build in the public space. At one point, we thought he had changed, but his selfishness and intellectual dishonesty matched his ambition. Ready to sacrifice the dreams of change of our people for their personal interests.

Have you seen a single figure of youth, a single actor of civil society, a single opponent to support him? No. You know why: simply because those who have been working for change in Cameroon for years know your good who this boy is.

This boy is actually what is vulgarly called an indic. Tomorrow we will make revelations about his role in this election campaign. His supporters. His life. And his mission. The people have the duty to know.

Sometimes the people are blind and can be indoctrinated by the desire for change.But our duty is to let you face your own consciences and make the choices that you feel are right and that you are not ready to regret.

Do you really believe that in two months an individual can become President of the Republic? Do you really believe that just going on TV without ever having worked honestly for a living to become president?Do you really think that just saying Biya has to leave to be elected? Or that it suffices to say that I am young to become President of the Republic?

The fundamental question is, who is this boy? As soon as you have the answers, you would understand that Biya through Cabral LIBI is actually preparing for re-election. It is sad to say it but it must be said.

That those who think that the overthrow of a dictatorship is done with 10 million people are not wrong. It is with 200,000 committed people convinced and right in their boots. Who do not let themselves be manipulated. So I do not expect you to commit to Hunting. NO. Vote who you want in all conscience. We are doing our job.

This boy is selfish, dangerous and mean.We have been sacrificing our daily lives for years to change this country. We can not tolerate thugs on our way. What Cabral LIBI has already done in his life to demonstrate that he is an opponent beyond speaking. Nothing. Has he ever been arrested? Never. The day the police intervened in Ngoa Ekelle During the registrations, instead of confronting them, he went to hide in the bars and photocopiers. Has he already walked publicly against Paul Biya? Never.

At some point you have to stop. People are judged on the acts and not on the words. Because a man can tell you everything just to get what he wants.


Reporter: Boris Bertolt