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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Election 2018: Biya's new projects that will change the Far-North

Ranging from agriculture to energy infrastructure and road infrastructure, these projects are Paul Biya's next battle after the war against the Islamist sect Boko Haram.

The Far North region comes back from a distance. Paralyzed by the security threat of Boko Haram, this border region of Nigeria and Chad, is gradually recovering from this fate that has literally strangled economic activity.

It is in this context of resumption of activity that, for the first time its first exit since the launch of the electoral campaign, the Head of State visited last Saturday in Maroua, capital of the region of Far North.As soon as he spoke, the CPDM Candidate paid tribute to the resistance of these populations to this "barbarian invader"."You have supported our defense and security forces. The vigilance committees have played a vital role in your resistance, "said Paul Biya.

Battle of development

In addition to this praise for the vigilance committees, Paul Biya seems already looking to the future. "Now that the threat is moving away, an exhilarating task is coming to us in the near future. It is neither more nor less than winning, together, the battle of development. " And to win this battle, it is not the assets that are lacking in this region. On the contrary.Paul Biya's next project concerns energy supply in the north. "The old hydroelectric dams will be upgraded.

Others will come into service. Solar installations, easier to implement, will complete them. This will give you the energy you need for the electrification of rural areas and the operation of your industries, "promises Paul Biya. A timely decision to resolve the energy gap is 30 MW in the North Interconnected System (NIN).

Advantages of soils and subsoils

The subsoil of the Far North is also a potential to be valued during the next seven years. According to Paul Biya "Everything suggests that your subsoil is rich in minerals and oil. It will be necessary to give a new impetus to prospection and, subsequently, to exploitation.

But beside these projects is Agriculture.Aware of the importance of this niche, the President of the Republic is satisfied that some fertile lands lend themselves to large-scale industrial crops. "This is the case, depending on the area, rice and cotton which will expand the area. We will thus reduce food shortages and give our textile industry the size it should have, with predictable benefits for employment. "

To boost economic activity in the Far North, livestock production through livestock is a key pillar in Paul Biya's vision of development. In this sense, the address of Paul Biya is a case of large areas suitable for the breeding and production of milk and meat, as well as the cultivation of cereals.