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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Election 2018: behind the scenes of Paul Biya's coronation

Preparations are underway in Yaoundé to declare Paul Biya, 86, winner of the October 7 elections in the Republic of Cameroon. Even by its own high standards of voter fraud, this year's poll was the most spectacular and by far the most effective. Today, October 22, 2018, the Constitutional Council organizes in Yaoundé a public theatrical ceremony to proclaim its triumph.

Friday, the regiment responsible for preparing all the ingredients for the ritual confiscated the phones of all those who worked at the Etoudi Palace.

"The former despot applauded all the legal representations made by the opposition parties over the past week to challenge the legitimacy of the election results. He welcomed these representations so that the world would realize that there is an appropriate, free and fair electoral system in the country. Behind the scenes, we were reliably informed that he was in constant conversation with the main players in the Constitutional Council by giving the so-called judges standing instructions on what to do. Our source confirmed that the members of the Constitutional Council regularly visited Paul Biya to receive his instructions.

It has been certified that outgoing President Biya has received the absolute assurance of the army that is loyal to him.In recent weeks, Yaoundé said the army would intervene and take power in a coup.These tensions were real but, after many meetings and secret agreements, it was canceled. A senior army official revealed that the army had planned to take power last week and Biya was sincerely apprehended, but internal quarrels between the many tribes represented in the army prevented them from getting along. "The cautious old fox came in with bags of dollars and bought their loyalty," added our source.

As the country's infrastructure, institutions and public services continue to decay, Paul Biya, who has led the country with an iron fist for thirty-six years, is ready to take the oath to begin a new seven-year term at the top. Cameroon is one of the poorest countries in the world and Biya has chaired it under the corruption and embezzlement of public funds to a level not seen since Zaire's Mobutu Seseko. Boka Haram destabilizing the north of the country, the English-speaking areas declared their independence vis-à-vis French Cameroon and created the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The world is watching with curiosity the solutions that the 85-year-old candidate will propose to put his control on his country and in crisis.