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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Election 2018: Aminatou Ahidjo tackles the opposition severely

In the campaign for Paul Biya in the region of Adamaoua, the daughter of former President of the Republic Amadou Ahidjo called the youth to vote massively for the man of the Renewal.

Aminatou Ahidjo has been in the Adamaoua region since September 30, where she leads meetings for the Cameroon People's Democratic Rally (CPDM). Wherever she went, she carried the message of support for Paul Biya's candidacy.

"I came to the Adamaoua region because I am a daughter of the north. I come to ask the population to go out massively to vote for candidate Paul Biya. This is the man we need. It has great things to do for Cameroon, "she said.

According to Cameroon Tribune who reported on Tuesday, she also said it carries a message of peace and reconciliation to address the people of Adamawa.

On the second day of his visit, Aminatou Ahidjo is known to have met young people and socio-professional categories in the Adamawa region. During this meeting held in the village hall of the Classical and Modern High School of Ngaoundéré, Aminatou Ahidjo spoke in French and Fulfulde. She insisted a lot on living together. She invited young people to live in peace, tolerance, respect for difference.

In addition, she reminded the young people that her father, the first president of Cameroon, loved the region of Adamaoua because he came to rest and relax there to make political decisions in peace.

"Do not listen to the empty speeches of other candidates, they want the privileges of power and not the servitudes of power.In the evening of October 7, they will forget you. His Excellency Paul Biya still lives with you. He loves you. I invite you all to vote with your eyes closed, "encouraged Aminatou Ahidjo.