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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Election 2018: Aminatou Ahidjo defends Paul Biya in Ngaoundéré Yesterday

After the Western and Northwestern region, Aminatou Ahidjo chose to campaign for the candidate Paul Biya in the North. 

Arriving in Ngaoundéré on September 30th, her first meeting was with the governor of Adamawa Kilkadi Tagueke Boukar for a courtesy visit. Afterwards, proceeding to Ngaoundere Lamido to convey her message of peace and fraternity to the traditional authorities. This immediately follows a meeting with the youth and the people during the meeting organized in the classical high school of Ngaoundere.

During this meeting, the young people who came in number revealed their attachment to the ideals of the party of the "burning torch" and their firm will to plebiscite their candidate. Taking the word, Aminatou Ahidjo first of all thank the young people but also the people for the esteem they have given to his modest person. She invited them to "not listen to empty speeches but to make a useful choice" for the preservation of peace and So she at the same time emphasized the fact that his "champion remains and remains the choice par excellence for a prosperous Cameroon and it is important to plebiscite the evening of October 7 next. As a reminder, the port of Ngaoundere is the beginning of the caravan in the north.