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Friday, October 12, 2018

ELECAM results confirm Kamto victory

It gradually appears that Professor Kamto is the real winner of Sunday's presidential election.

A key source within the body organizing the elections, ELECAM, who chose anonymity, has just sent the results to the confreres of Cameroon News Group. The source indicates that ELECAM officials are divided on how to proceed.

Some want the results to be falsified while others argue that the real results should be published as received.

Confusion reigns at ELECAM as government ministers continue to summon the electorate.

See below the complete results received and compiled by ELECAM.

Statistics and voting percentages in the 10 regions:

.1- Region ADAMAWA -Mauritius

Kamto 54%

-Paul Biya 23%

Joshua Osih 10%

2- CENTER Region

-Paul Biya 41%

-Mauritius Kamto 38%

-Joshua Osih 12%

3- Eastern Region

-Mauritius Kamto 46%

-Paul Biya 31%

-Joshua Osih 20%

4- FAR NORTH Region

-Mauritius Kamto 55%

-Joshua Osih 27%

-Paul Biya 9%

5- Coastal Region

-Mauritius Kamto 39%

-Joshua Osih 33%

-Cabral Libih 19%

6- North West Region

-Joshua Osih 37% -Mauritius

Kamto 34%

-Akere Muna 17%

7- Northern Region

-Mauritius Kamto 44%

-Joshua Osih 25%

-Paul Biya 18%

8- Western Region

Marice Kamto 59%

Paul Biya 19%

Joshua Osih 15%

Region 9-South

Paul Biya 51%

Mauritius Kamto 27%

Cabral Libii 10%

Region 10 Southwest

-Joshua Osih 37% -Mauritius

Kamto 32%

-Akere Muna 12%