Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Do not last in power who wants, but who can - Paul Biya

The political analysts, the real ones, not the Sunday ones on the television sets, are formal, the re-election of Paul Biya is assured. Since he has declared himself a candidate, nothing can prevent him from winning hands down. A simple formality, a walk of health, the flower at the end of the rifle, the victory will be won also by singing. The only way to stop him was to dissuade him from presenting himself.The hateful may resort to threats, snarling to intimidation, diplomats to exhortations, religious to supplication, conciliatory promises and marabouts to incantations, nothing could convince him to leave. It needed more to dissuade the Man of November 6, 1986 who will have warned: "Do not last to the power that wants, but lasts to the power that can". Paul Biya does not last in power because he wants to, but because he can, he feels able to last again and again in power. A way for him to respond to his detractors who believe that it is a matter of endurance and physics. For him, the exercise of power is much more strategic than physical, so it comes down to technique and tactics.

Skillful tactician and fine technician, Paul Biya knows he still has a lot to bring to Cameroon. Just as he had predicted that Roger Milla at age 38 could still bring the Indomitable Lions to the 1990 World Cup. A winning move that allowed an African club to reach the quarter-finals for the first time. It is no coincidence that Paul Biya likes to cite the Indomitable Lions as examples of patriotism, courage, strength and self-denial. If Milla knew how to play his role of joker of the Indomitable Lions for what would it not do it for the Rdpc?Now that the flames party has released its joker, its machine to win elections is relaunched. A machine whose controls are placed in "autopilot" mode. Comfortably engulfed in a padded chair, the base horse of the party close to power is guaranteed to win without wetting the shirt.

He is perfectly aware of being the only candidate to have the means of his policy.Its staff composed of the armada of its political party, the Rdpc, the legion of mercenaries of allied political parties, the arsenal of the administrative apparatus, the heavy artillery of the judiciary and missiles floor-soil of the Treasury, are all major assets to win hands down. To speak more prosaically, "The others run in the bag," Paul Biya wrapped himself in a shell, decked out a frame capable of resisting and repelling all assaults. The wall of Renewal is so impassable that more than one have thrown in the towel: Ni John Fru Ndi weary war has preferred to pass the controllers to Josuah Oshi who hesitates when it comes to storm.

Adamu Ndam Njoya takes refuge behind a "Young" candidacy, Bello Bouba Maïgari prefers to preserve his gari, the soulless Upc but with states of soul comes in spare parts. All the extras, Biya and the Cameroonian desert, sigh politicians, who seem resigned to the idea that no one can challenge Paul Biya. Cameroon is full of skills and human resources as patriotic as the Prince. He himself would, according to the rumor, put into perspective when he told his daughter that she could run Cameroon. A way of saying that anyone can assume the functions of President of the Republic.

Unless it is a way to remember like Papillon, "It's bloodthirsty" that it is inscribed in the DNA of the presidential family. To see, as some, in the admission to Enam of his offspring a kind of preparation for the succession, is only a view of the mind. But the experiences of Gabon, Togo and the DRC could be an oil patch. A nice way for Paul Biya to reply to his detractors by paraphrasing Aimé Césaire in Cahier d'un retour au pays natal, "Take care of me, I do not bother you".

Source: Sigantures N ° 101