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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Death of the Vision 4 CEO's daughter: new elements unveiled

People without faith or law, who have no respect for the dead, especially that of a girl under 25 years. Amougou Mimboe Florence called "Starline", disappeared a few years ago. 

Since then, the consternation has hit his family, for this heavy and painful loss. But on his death, a cabal had been launched against her father, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, through social networks, accusing him of all the names of birds. Yet the authors of this miserable action aimed at shaking it.

In their frantic race, Youssoupha Bassirou and Pemboura Zouliatou have planned to put next Wednesday on social networks a sound recording, in which Miss Zouliatou would happen for the deceased. And in this recording it would have been a question of invoking again the father, in spite of the indescribable pain he has been dragging since the disappearance of his daughter.

After repeated incoherence, they finally and shamefully confessed in which, they named by name personalities competing in the Communication Sector, and some wacky lack of recognition and strong sensation, like Patrice Nouma. The latter, who had quickly entered into action through writings, prove to suffice his incompetence, his lack of respect and the fact that he does not know the Love that Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga has for his offspring.

In the end, the couple of crooks was taken in handcuffs, in one of the police departments of the square in Yaoundé, for investigation. And while waiting for the end of this case, more arrests, even outside the country are announced.

Judicial proceedings are initiated, the languages ​​keep getting loose. Evil does not remain unpunished forever.