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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cooperation with China: Paul Biya now on a blacklist

A real media cabala embraces Cameroon as an arachnoid. But to look closely, the objectives of this company are those of wanting to reach this country of nature, has always inspired a certain friendship by the value of his men, its geographical beauty, and especially his football that made the attraction of all Africa at one time?

Cameroon is in fact the iron curtain that allows the hinterland countries of the Central African subregion to sleep peacefully or at least to reduce a number of security problems. But instead of waiting for motions of support from the international community, they are sirens of destabilization that are rushing from everywhere to submit this country to other tensions while he is still fighting all over the place.

Cameroon under the rule of Paul Biya has obtained more than one satisfaction at the security level. His defense forces defeated Boko Haram, fought Central African rebels, stopped the flow of poachers into nature reserves, and imposed real security in the Gulf of Guinea, all of which did not stop this country from participating in expeditions. external operations. On the contrary, Cameroon is one of the main contributors to the United Nations contingents in the Central African Republic.

President Paul Biya, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, is initiating several collective security concepts, the most prominent of which are COPAX, the Interregional Coordination Center, and participation in the construction of the Commission's Multinational Joint Task Force. Lake Chad Basin.

On the other hand, as a good apostle of peace, he has always advocated for a more just world from the United Nations platform. Cameroon also pays a heavy price, acting in solidarity with sister countries exposed to crises, and also serving as a refuge for refugees.Cameroon now hosts more than 400,000 refugees on its territory, while some Western rich countries sound the alarm as soon as the milestone of a few thousand refugees is reached.

This is the kaleidoscope of this country, which is today portrayed as a country that collides with human rights, whereas it should benefit on the contrary from a substantial help. More than four years since the war against Boko Haram lasts, with the financial consequences that we know. The motives for this relentlessness are found elsewhere, especially if there is a Machiavellian co-ordination at the level of these slayers, with curious compromises that even dirty serious media; therefore, we must believe that the stake is worth the candle. Expertise is also offered to better kill Cameroon. For example, in the so-called Anglophone crisis, despite the hysteria developed by the secessionists who are losing ground on the ground, it is almost certain that the charter of their communication will not be haphazard and will tend towards an institutional charter.

This atmosphere unfortunately, is about to cultivate in the Cameroonian sentiment, a kind of xenophobia that never existed, because the Cameroonian is rather hospitable. By analyzing these impulses at the bottom, we understand that it is the multilateral opening of President Paul Biya that hinders, or at least, that is not to please the dictatorship of the imperial of a certain world order.

But be careful, President Paul Biya is a perfect master of the geostrategic environment and as a strategist he is, he will always know how to preserve first the interests of Cameroon, notwithstanding the procrastination that is being altered by the way, in the face of the relevance of his actions.

Reporter: Didier BALEBA