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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Constitutional Council: the root of the appointment of Clement Atangana

Constitutional coup d'état in Cameroon: Paul Biya's brothers lock the transition and ensure control of the electoral process, thereby confirming that the dictator is very ill and unfit to run the country. We want as proof only the acceleration of the electoral process and lockdown of the transition via the appointment of the crumbling brother of the village Atangana Clement to the Constitutional Council. This puts Niat presidential senate presumed to ensure the vacancy of power in case of disappearance of the tyrant. Under close supervision of the Beti-Bulu clan since, it is the president of this famous constitutional council which notes the vacancy of the power and proclaims the results of the elections.

The Code said it and confirms it: Paul Biya is almost dying. His brothers in the village who fear losing power permanently and answer for their actions soon come to confirm our doubts and suspicions in orchestrating this constitutional coup d'état. Indeed, the appointment of the village brother Clément Atangana retired magistrate crumbling and bedridden himself, at the head of the Constitutional Council puts under heavy scrutiny Niat President of the Senate in the event of a vacancy of power. The president of the Constitutional Council being the only one to note the vacancy of power and to proclaim the results of the elections especially presidential.

The Code, which is never listened to, had already warned the Cameroonian people. Indeed, Beti oligarchs who know Paul Biya was dying and impotent, were thinking about passing important texts that would allow them to keep the upper hand. the transition before announcing the disappearance of Paul Biya. There, it's done. Do not be surprised that in the coming days, these oligarchs announce to the Cameroonian people the death of Paul Biya. They put under guardianship and control the Bamileke Niat, which they consider as non-Beti-compatible. Now in the event of a power vacuum, Niat will not have the free hand to complete the transition. Atangana CLÉMENT the brother of the village, will play the censors and referees.

I am surprised that some journalists from Camer, be and Cameroun of the gombists in the pay of the tyrant, announce the return of the ghost of Paul Biya in his outgoing palace of Mvomeka but without providing us with the slightest image of the dictator. With such stooges, the fate and the future of Cameroon are to be pitied.

The Code is still waiting for evidence of the dictator's life: who is now in Switzerland, sometimes in Mvomeka, sometimes in Senegal with Macron and Macky Sall. The latter maneuver of Bulu oligarchs reflects the panic, fear and reluctance that animate those lazy who profit and abuse the power held for 36 years by their brother dictator Paul Biya.

One can use the stamp and mimic the signature of a dead person. The Code is still waiting for evidence of the despot's life.

All those who naively and strategically dream of chasing Paul Biya through the ballot box must think carefully about this passage in strength and locking the electoral system by the tyrant and his courtiers. Paul Biya and his friends and brothers will never give up power through parodies and mock elections. They rely on the strength of the decree and the army to stay in power. No election will move him.The proof the lock of the organ of the transition in case of vacancy, of the electoral dispute and proclamation of the results the Constitutional Council which it has just confided to his brother of the village Clément Atangana.

Reporter: Junior Zogo