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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Constitutional Council: here are the totality of the requests judged 'inadmissible'

The Cameroonian Constitutional Council ruled "inadmissible" Tuesday, sixteen applications, including the appeal of the opponent Maurice Kamto who had called for the disqualification of a majority of Council members, saying they were "biased".

Of eighteen applications for total or partial annulment of the presidential election, sixteen - including that of the opponent Cabral Libii - were ruled inadmissible Tuesday by the Constitutional Council.

The Council, which is responsible for studying post-election litigation before proclaiming the results of the presidential election of 7 October, began to consider Tuesday the post-election complaints submitted by several candidates.

The hearing, suspended Tuesday evening around 20:00 (19:00 GMT), will resume Wednesday.

The petition of the opponent Maurice Kamto, examined first, was considered "inadmissible" because Mr. Kamto is "not entitled" to request the disqualification of the Council, said Clement Atangana, president of the Constitutional Council whose members are appointed by President Paul Biya.

The opponent's motion seeks the disqualification of six members of the Constitutional Council.

Kamto - who claimed on October 8 the presidential victory, "outlawing" according to the government - said that some of these six figures of the Constitutional Court have "affinities with the CPDM political party", the Democratic People's Rally of the outgoing President Paul Biya, candidate for a seventh consecutive term.

Candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), the opponent also wished that the post-electoral dispute be examined by another jurisdiction, but a rapporteur of the Council proposed that this request is also considered inadmissible, considering that he did not have standing to make such a request.

The hearing of the Council was suspended at the time of the examination of the irregularities presented by the MRC, which wishes the annulment of the poll in the constituencies where it notes irregularities.

Me Michelle Ndoki, from Mr. Kamto's group of lawyers, explained in support of the documents that simple summary tables had replaced the minutes in several departments.

She also noted a gap between the number of voters in certain constituencies and the number of voters on Elecam, the body responsible for organizing the elections.

In all the departments concerned, including the Dja-et-Lobo (south) where Paul Biya comes from, the vote is largely in favor of Mr Biya who obtains 99% of the votes in some localities.

Source: AFP